Thursday, August 2, 2012

the NEW room where we live

Back in February, we put our living room furniture on Facebook to see if it would sale.  Some one quickly snagged it up.  We went shopping, found the sectional that we wanted.  But decided to get our money in order and save up the cash for it.  What I thought would be, maybe a month turned into 5 LONG months.  One thing happened then another and we kept having to dip into our furniture money. Well the time has come!!!!  During the waiting period, we sat on 2 hand-me-down broken recliners and drowned in toys on the floor.

During the waiting period, I did find this perfect little chair to sit in this corner.  I love the pattern and style.
Most on the summer I had fresh hydrangeas sitting on the mantle, but with so many days in the 100s, they are burnt up right now!
Then a delivery came...
The new sectional does eat up a portion of our foyer, but I figured that more sitting space in our living room is more important than a wide foyer.  There is still plenty of room for 2 people to comfortably walk side-by-side into the room.  I put one of our end tables behind the couch, but I've got my eye out for one that's a bit taller.

There are 4 recliners!  Football season with the family over just got a lot comfier!

I ordered a pretty floor lamp from Target to provide light that we lost now that we don't have the end tables.
Overall, I like it.  Our new furniture is very comfortable & cozy and I think it'll last a long time. Rare afternoon naps will be SO wonderful as I'm snoozing on this big thing!

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Rebecca Caviness said...

That is gorgeous!!!!! Love the huge recliner/couch!!

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