Tuesday, August 21, 2012

An unusual 'day in the life'

I really enjoy reading when other bloggers post 'A Day in the Life'.  So I figure yesterday might be a good day for me to do my 1st one!  It was an unusual day because (our home daycare lady) Mrs Betty is on vacation this week and I'm kept my 2 year old niece, Bella and Lucy.  I really enjoy days that I can keep Rylee because her & Bella usually have so much fun.  There's always a little arguing by the end of the day, so lets see how today goes....

Monday, August 20, 2012
6:15-Bella wakes up and refuses to lay down with me and go back to sleep.  Sunday, while I worked, Bella woke up early as usual and climbed in the bed with her daddy and slept until 8:30.  That has NEVER happened when he's at work.  She always "Needs to eat!!!!"  Jacob was nice enough to turn on the cartoons on in the living room in hopes that she would watch them and let me sleep a little later.  After coming in my room claiming that she "NEEDED to eat!!!", I told her she could eat goldfish (which is in her reach) and watch cartoons until I got up.  After a little whining and some stern talking, it worked!  I dosed off and on for a while!

7:30-got up.  Brush my teeth.  Use the bathroom...discover Aunt Flow made an unwelcome visit.  Tried to distract Bella while I plugged up, even though she was full of curiosity and questions.  I threw the covers to the head of the bed, so it would be somewhat made.

7:45-Made me a cup of coffee and Bella a bowl of cereal.

8:40- Met Lulu and Rylee in the driveway, because she was running late because the train near my house stopped her.  Bella squealed with excitement that Rylee was at her house today.

9:00-facebook and blog stalk as I look at all the '1st day of school' pictures.   I thought of the day that I have to send our girls to school :(  Obviously Jacob is at work doing the same thing.

9:15-lots of playing!

9:45-cup #2

9:50- Poop #1.  Thanking God we are potty trained!

10:00-talk with Brynn about the pros/cons as the dreaded moment comes closer where she has to leave her baby at a daycare & return to work from maternity leave.

11:00-These 2 are entertaining themselves!  No arguing yet!!!  Lucy is STILL sleeping.  I'm getting pinspiration and dreaming of Lucy's 1st birthday party and Bella's 3rd birthday party that will be here before I know it!  I'm also working on our New Book Collection list.  Yesterday I got 14 new books.  Some are Christmas books that I'm saving and the year-round books, I'm introducing slowly.  Yesterday I surprised her with Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?  Keep reading to see what new (to us) book we'll read today.

11:15-I caught the girls laying together "talking on the phone" to their daddies.  ~How precious~

11:30- I woke up Sleeping Beauty.  That's right I woke HER up!  She is such a sleepy head!

11:40- When I walked downstairs, these girls were having so much fun dancing around, I decided to turn on a little music for them.  I have a Joyful, Joyful children's christian CD that I turned up loud.
 They were jamming to "This Little Light of Mine" and "This is the Day", on and on...

12:00-Lucy wanted her bottle in her mouth, not sitting in front of her.

12:01-She's happy

12:08-finally decided to get out of my jammies and into my daytime comfie clothes...tshirt & shorts.

12:12-Snack time!  Bananas, fruit snack and goldfish.

12:25- straighten up Bella's room, so they wouldn't be tempted to get out of bed and get toys.
 12:28- Surprised them with a new (to us) book.  Guess How Much I Love You.  After reading the book together.  It didn't take them long to go to sleep.

12:35- While I was upstairs reading and putting the older 2 to bed, Lucy was downstairs crying because she did an entire loop around the house and couldn't find anyone.  Poor baby!  That called for some extra loving, rocking and kisses!

1:08- KK surprised us with a visit.  Just in time to take care of poop #2!

1:20-Lucy enjoyed a some mixed veggies, while I enjoyed some of KK's chips & salsa.

1:50-I'm still hungry. I devoured this little chicken pot pie.

 2:25-Girls are up and happy that KK is here.

2:35-Lucy is sleepy and goes back to sleep.

2:45- I make Bella a chicken pot pie, she eats 3 bites then declares that she doesn't like it.  Rylee won't eat anything offered.  I give up, they won't die of starvation.

3:35-ugh.  The arguing has begun.

3:45- We take a walk to the mailbox & hang out outside for a little bit.  Rylee refuses to come inside.  Bella cries to watch TV instead of just asking.  I'll never understand that strategy.  After she stops crying, I turn on Tangled.  She's happy.  Rylee joins her.

4:10- In my book search, I found a book that my friend has been searching for.  Melissa and her cute Sophie come over to get it and hang out a little bit.

4:30- Melissa, Sophie & KK all leave.

4:38- I'm starting dinner and Bella & Rylee want a snack.  Why does this happen EVERY TIME I start cooking?!?  Popcorn it is!

5:00-Jacob gets home.

 5:13- Lulu arrives go get Rylee.  We talk, visit, and say good-bye.

5:35-I finish cooking dinner.  Jacob cleans his plate.  Usually I don't do His & Hers dinners, but tonight I wanted to try something new.  I made hamburger steaks and gravy, wild rice and rolls for him and I tried a new recipe for chicken noodle soup.  He enjoyed his.  No surprise, I didn't really love my new recipe.  I'll just stick with Campbells.

6:00-cleaning up this mountain of a mess.

6:08- the sleeping beauty wakes up!!  That's right...a 3 1/2 hr nap, after waking her up at 11:00am!

6:12- Lucy enjoys her dinner in her daddy's arms.

6:45- The girls play as I pay bills.  It's official, we're broke until payday.  As I look over, we might be broke, but we are so rich.

7:12- watch the deer in the back yard.  Jacob saw a little baby with it's mama a few days ago, but they didn't visit us this evening.

7:30- Bath time!  I set out my clothes for tomorrow.  Not hard...navy scrubs are my ONLY option.  Is that a spot on it?!?!  Oh well, I'm wearing it tomorrow.  They are clean.  Bella played in the bath tub while I showered.  After I'm done, I bathed her and put Lucy in the tub with Bella and bathed Lucy.

7:56- 3 clean girls!

8:02- I let Bella watch one last episode of Dora.

8:21- Daddy's kisses before bed!  You can see her little teeth finally cutting through the gums in these picture.  After lots of lovin, Lucy goes to sleep for the night.  Usually she goes to bed long before 8pm, but since she slept so much today, we let her play until late.
She's an open-mouth-kisser right now!
8:28- poop #3

8:30-Bella's show is over and I make her clean up the playroom.  She picked up about 2 toys and said in her tired, whinny voice, "My tummy too hungran.  I need to eat, you clean up."  It didn't work...she still had to put her toys away.

8:42-Bella gets kisses from Daddy.  She's started blowing kisses too, it's sweet to watch her catch kisses and put them on her lips.

8:46-"Hold me mommy!"

8:50-again, usually Bella doesn't stay up this late either.  After 2 bed time stories, kisses and hugs, she went to sleep.

9:30- I looked on Facebook, a friend posted pictures from our 10 year High School Reunion a couple weekends ago.  I thought this group picture was really good!

10:25-Climbed into bed with my sweet husband. I looked on my phone for a little bit.  Set the alarm on my phone, plugged it up and called it a day.

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Rhonda Boone said...

Sweet, Sweet times. Joy them! They go by soo fast!

Rebecca Caviness said...

I love this! I will have to do this oneday on my blog!! Not gonna lie busted out laughing when you said aunt flow/plugged it up LOL. I can just hear you say all of this! Keep it up girl, love reading about you and your sweet family, who I adore!!

Melody Ellis said...

That was a good day. I CANT BELIEVE how much Lucy sleeps!

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