Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

I had a wonderful long weekend with my "little" family, as Bella refers to our immediate family.  Jacob and I were both off on Good Friday.  It was a rainy day, but that didn't stop us from having a wonderful day together.  We ate lunch at a new (to us) restaurant and introduced the girls to Chuck-E-Cheese.  Of course they had a ball!  I love watching their faces light up in excitement over the simplest things in life.  

Saturday was more of a normal chores and lazy day.  The girls played in the playroom or watched cartoons on the screen porch.  Saturday night, some close friends invited us to an Easter Egg Hunt at their church.  We took the girls that evening and they found LOTS of eggs and got LOTS of candy!  
Easter morning, we beat the girls up.  I had just made my cup of coffee and was about to put the cinnamon rolls in the oven when I heard them squeal with excitement as they saw the Easter eggs and baskets full of goodies.
After church, we went to Jacob's grandparents.  We visited, ate and hunted eggs.  Mamaw Crowe got the girls some butterfly wings...they LOVED them.  The girls each got a kite from church.  It was their very 1st kite...I must admit, it was mine too.  The girls enjoyed holding it as their little kite caught wind.
 Then we came home.  It was too pretty to go inside, so we played outside until almost dark with their new Easter goodies.  I laid a blanket on the grass and enjoyed their precious smiles and laughter.  
All in all, a wonderful Easter Day!

My thoughts on Easter dresses...I haven't ever bought them a special dress for Easter.  They have several pretty dresses and I prefer them to have a comfortable dress they they can play in (they both LOVE to be in dresses).  It wasn't until I was typing this post that I realized that Bella wore the dress that Lucy is wearing on Easter Sunday 2 years ago....dang, mom fail.  Guess it's obvious that I really like it.  Hey, don't put it past me to see Bella's dress she's wearing today to make a return in 2 years on the Resurrection Day.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lucy's hair

See Lucy's hair?  See those pretty little curls at the end?  This picture was last September.  
Sept 2013
Around Christmas, I noticed that her hair was thinning...A LOT.  I tried not to worry about it because she is so healthy otherwise.  But last month I broke down and mentioned it to Dr Sawyer and Megan (the PA in our office).  They looked at the pictures and agreed that it was significant enough to do blood work to rule out anything serious.  One level came back slightly abnormal, so we scheduled an appointment with a specialist and we waited...
An encouraging thing was that she had new hair growth.  It's like almost all her hair fell out then new, full hair is coming back in.  Those scraggly strands looked bad...they had to go.  So on a friday evening, I took matters in my own hands.  I sat her on the countertop and hoped I could pull off cutting a stacked bob on a 2 year old.  Catch is other than barely trimming my own bangs, I've never cut hair.  
I'm sure it isn't cute evenly, but not too bad for a rookie.  I think it looks much better than those straggles.  

This is the day we went to the specialist.  Just a Lucy-and-mommy day.  It was wonderful.  I got to actually listen to her and have fun. Sometimes with a 2 & 4 year old, out and about on a tight scheduled day-it's nothing but, "come on", "not so loud", "don't touch that", "hold my hand", "keep up".  But not this day!  We had some good one on one time. 

I won't lie, I was anxious.  I felt that she was fine, because other than the hair loss, there are no other worrisome complications going on.  After talking with the doctor, she agreed that she looks normal.  We will recheck the blood work in 3 months.  I really don't care what made her hair fall out-as long as she is healthy and there is no underlying serious cause, I am grateful.  Praise God that she's ok.  For now we will rock this mama-made-bob hairdo and keep living life being grateful for each day.

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

stopping to remember

Even though my to-do list for this weekend is a mile long, I feel the urge to sit in this seat and document my morning with my sweet girls.  Because this is the moments I never want to forget.  Later I'll fold the clothes, change the sheets, swap winter closets for summer clothes, finish trimming the crape myrtles, clean bathrooms, unload the dishwasher just to reload it just as fast. But I don't want to forget this morning....

I slept late, getting up around 8.  Bella came down in her princess jammies and messy hair.  She brushed her teeth in my sink, making a toothpaste mess.  I went outside to tell Jacob bye as he left to go help his mama move furniture.  Bella wanted her pink fishing pole.  She went to the flower bed to pretend to fish, until she realized there was no fishing line.  It feels perfect outside.  We came back in opened all the blinds and windows.  I'm sure I'll regret it when I find pollen inside...but it feels so good to not open them.  Lovely Lucy comes downstairs with her blanket, pillow and Minnie Mouse in hand and an oversized t-shirt on that her daddy brought her home yesterday.  
Bella asked for "pannacakes".  I'm not much of a cooker AT ALL, but I do enjoy cooking breakfast on the weekends.  So I gladly obliged.  The girls love being helpers.  We decided to add blueberries, which led to blue food dye for the perfect mini-blue-blueberry-pannacakes.  
They wanted to eat outside on the screened porch.
I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee, blogging about my beauties, music playing, windows open, washing machine buzzer just went off...ahh...I suppose it's time to begin tackling that mile long to-do list.

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Monday, March 10, 2014

my next goal...

In my career as a L&D and pediatric nurse, I have been around breastfeeding since graduation.   This is my opinion on breastfeeding...I strongly trust that it is the best form of nutrition a mother can provide for her newborn.  It is a very natural thing, but it must be learned by both mother and baby. I would encourage new mothers to trust their body and trust the baby's instinct to nurse and trust when he/she is full.  Don't obsess over the amount taken at each feeding, just trust that if the baby is content, peeing, pooping and gaining weight that you are doing perfect!  Some times this is easy for some mothers and babies and sometimes there are challenges.  I encourage every mother to try to breastfeed to give that newborn the colostrum that is so rich in antibodies & more gentle on the newborn's brand new, sensitive tummy.  I would say if a mother is skeptical about exclusively breastfeeding, to just set a goal of breastfeeding for the 1st 2 weeks, if things are going well at that time and there is no need to stop-then make your goal until the baby is 1 month old, if this are going well, make it 3 months, reevaluate, then nurse the baby until 6 months-1 year old.  However, those mothers who are so overwhelmed and consumed and stressed out about trying to breastfeed that they are in tears, and even postpartum certainly is acceptable to formula feed.

In our pediatric clinic we all strongly encourage mothers to breastfeed their baby. We also think that it is very important to offer plenty of support for the mother and baby and the possible challenges that might occur.  With that, Dr Sawyer suggested that I get my IBCLC~International Board Certified Lactation Consutant.  I agreed with the importance and need since there are NO Lactation Consultants within an hour of our clinic.  I have learned that it is much more in depth that just taking a test.  I've been warned that it is a very difficult test.  I have to have 90 specific breastfeeding education hours.  NINETY!  Nurses are required to have 24 continuing education hours every 2 years for license renewal.  Now I am cramming in 90 hours in before the test date in July.  The past 2 days I have been watching 12+ hours of webcasts in preparation for a 3 day Lactation Exam review conference in Atlanta.  I'll learn more and see more boobs that I ever thought I would ever see during this conference.

Say a little prayer for me as I challenge myself to pursue this Lactation Consultant goal.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

My precious nephew, Jace

On mine and Jacob's 8th anniversary, I became an aunt for the 2nd time. Cassi and Bobo brought baby Jace into this world.  He is small and snuggly and soft and perfect.  Our girls just loved and was so sweet when they met him. 
March 4, 2014
3 days old

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Our story of the "Dusting" of 2014

Come on, it's been a pretty COLD winter for us Alabamians.  A month ago we saw a few days of single digits.  Tuesday morning started like any other cold day.  My plan on my lunch break was to go pick up Jacob's work coat from the dry cleaners {that's right, he didn't wear a jacket, only his undershirt and a thin button up shirt.....well and underwear, pants, sock and dress shoes, ANYWAYS...}.  I knew there was a possibility of snow, but never thought it would be as bad as it was.  I work in a pediatric clinic now & we had a booked day. At 8:00 when I got there -not the 1st sign of snow.
We realized that we need to close afternoon clinic and get our patients and us off the roads and get home quick.
Finally everyone in our clinic was gone.  MM lives an hour away and her car and the dangerous roads were no safe place, so I told her to just come home with me.  I kept getting word that the roads to get my girls were closed.  Thankfully my parents live in the same neighborhood as the home daycare they attend, so my daddy went to get them.  At 11:45 I started my 5 mile journey home.  An hour later I parked on the side of the road and walked a little ways through the woods to my house.  Due to icy hills that's as close as we could get.  It wasn't bad.  My poor husband was stuck in Birmingham.  In his work car, dress clothes with no jacket and a dying phone battery.  I was worried about him.  Thankfully he stopped at a gas station and got a charger.  I would check on him and his response was "I've got this, I watch Ice Road Truckers!"  and "Don't worry, I got my CDLs".  He was totally confident,  which did make me feel a little better.  But looking at the icy roads and crashed vehicles on the news made me so nervous.  MM and I tried to make the best of the situation, we played in the snow, using a pizza pan to slide down the snowy hill.  We couldn't make a was pure powdery snow.  Really a beautiful sight.  I felt bad for her, this was her 1st night away from her baby girl.

 Meanwhile, I was getting texts like this, to know that our girls were safe and having a blast together with Mimi & Pops!
After it got dark and Jacob still wasn't close to home, I was getting more antsy about him driving on the dark, icy, winding roads.  So I did what any caring wife would do... I cooked.  With MM's help, we made Italian crusted chicken breasts, hamburger steaks and gravy, wild rice, macaroni and cheese, fried okra, and julianne potatoes.  Finally~over 8 hours after him leaving work~Jacob safely made it home.  I was so relieved & happy.  Then...we all feasted.  Then he went and got my car.  I tried telling him that it could wait until morning...nah, he likes the snowy/icy challenges!  

The next morning, even though the roads weren't much better, we got Jacob's truck to take MM home!  She was missing her family so much, as I would have been.  We met her father-in-law half way.  Roads were still way to slick for most heavy 18 wheelers to make it up hills.  We saw cars who slid off the banks.  Those trucks in front of us were sliding trying to make it up the icy hill.  SCARY!
After riding around a bit, we got our girls and went home!  The next day daddy went to work late and the girls and I enjoyed the last of the melting snow.  Whew.  This snow storm was rough for a lot of people, but I'm so thankful to have been with my family and that everyone I know is well and accounted for!
Beautiful Bella (4)
Lovely Lucy (2)

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