Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday, Lucy Lee

Dear Lovely Lucy,
Today you are "fourve" as you say.  You are so funny and one big ball of unexpected spunk.  And I love every ounce of you.  A few months ago when the new school year started, you became one of the "big kids" at Mrs Betty's.  You have daily lessons and have started drawing pictures of your family, which consist of 4 huge round heads and 2 stick legs coming out of each of our heads, the only difference is that you draw us girls with long hair & pink/purple clothes...daddy gets a red shirt because you know that's his favorite color.  Speaking of daddy, you remind him almost daily that he is your "best friend".  A few weeks ago when we were laying in our bed, you told your daddy that you loved him up to "puppy heaven", then you looked at me and told me that you loved me up to the house.  You are pretty sure that your daddy hung the moon and I'm just here to get you ready in the mornings. I am a little jealous of the bond you two share, but I still love you into the depths of my soul and I am sure you love me too.  

Your sister might boss you around some...but not much!  You tell it like it is and those facial expressions keep us giggling! You play well with others, but don't NEED others to keep you entertained, you are just as happy playing in your own little world.  You are not a fan of playing outside yet. When daddy or I try to get you to play outside on a beautiful day, unless we are right there with you, you are back inside!  Your favorite cartoon is 'Little Einstein'.  

You recently declared that your favorite color is purple.  For your birthday are asking for purple cowgirl boots.  You and your sister are having a big birthday bash together this year & have agreed on a Brave theme.  You both love how awesome Merida is with her bow and arrow!  

When I put you to bed at night you like for us to talk about memories from our Disney world trip we took together at the beginning of this year.  

Lucy, you are wonderful, just as you are!  I hope that you never lose that ability to be quick witted and spunky.  I love that you still want me to hold you on my hip sometimes. I can't talk about you no longer being a baby...I will begin to cry. I make you promise to me that no matter what age you are that you'll always be my baby. You just grin big, nod your head yes and hug me.  That's all I need.  Please always do that when I remind you that you are my baby...it'll be our little code phrase that your mama needs your lovin to get me through tough moments.  

Today we celebrate you and how lovely you are.

Happy birthday. I love you.
7 weeks old
Twirling with Cinderella
While at Disney you were chosen to play Chip in the Beauty and the Beast play
You dancing with your best friend in the lobby of the Grand Floridian
{{You should know that your daddy was in heaven while he felt the weight of you and your tiny pink, sparkling shoes on his feet and that perfect face looking up at him}}


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