Thursday, March 29, 2012

683 Pins and Counting

146 in my Crafty section.  I am so addicted to Pinterest!  I have SO many projects, creations, ideas that I would love to do.  It's driving me crazy that I can't have a weekly craft day.  Not that my life has ever been boring, but at this point in my life I have 2 babies that require most of my attention (rightfully so), 2 busy jobs, a house that always has chores waiting on me and now...this fantasy that I might actually be a do-it-yourselfer!  Oh yea, and I lightly dabble in couponing too!  Next Wednesday I'm starting my 1st quilt!  I have a 4th of July wreath that I want to do. I have everything that I need except time to do it...but when that time finds me, I cannot wait to sit down to do this adorable craft!  I am planning on doing a little surprise for my best friend's baby shower...she's a reader, so that's all the details I'm willing to share for now.  I did make a Easter cross for our front door.  It turned out good, except I hate my hand writing, but love the words!  
I want to do a burlap birthday cake/cupcake!  Oh my mind is just running circles.  The funny thing is that really, I don't have a creative spirit.  My Mamaw is.  My uncle Chris is.  I have several friends that have that God given talent and personality.  Me...I WANT to be able to create cute things that I see...truthfully, it rarely turns out like what those creatives souls can do!  But I'm having fun trying!

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Rylee!

My sweet niece turns 2 today!  We celebrated Sunday with a fun carnival theme party.
This was Lindsay's 1st time to plan and host a party.  She did great and didn't get nearly as stressed as I do the hour before the party.  I have this automatic freak-out mode 1 hour before parties, I can't turn it off! But not Lindsay, she was cool, calm and collected!  Ms Sue at Sew Close to Home made Rylee's adorable birthday outfit!  I was a beautiful spring day.  It was a perfect day for Rylee!
Birthday Girl!
Photo booth pictures:

1st time ever wearing matching dresses.  So cute!

Beautiful Lucy!

Bella LOVED the cake pops!

Little stinker pulled up a stool up to the food table and tried to sneak a cake pop.  

The 3 of us will always have fun, no matter where we are or what we are doing!

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daddy's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Daddy's 55th birthday!  My aunt & uncle from Tennessee is here for the weekend.  Mama cooked us baked ziti, corn, salad & delicious french bread.  Bella and Rylee played, fought over toys, squealed, laughed and whined.

Rylee has a little obsession:

No, her mother doesn't give her more than one paci at time.  But she found a stash at Mimi's house and was trying to cram them all in!  Her 2nd birthday is a few days away and she's trying to hoard her last few precious moments with her beloved pacifiers.

This afternoon we'll be celebrating her birthday!  I'll share pictures later!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Good Morning & celebrating Mamaw

You want to know what I did on this glorious morning??? I woke up rested at 8:15!! Both of the girls slept through the night & slept in. Yea for mommy & daddy! I was off Thursday, Bella was up at 5:45! Thursday night, Bella woke up at 12:30am with a raging fever & finally went back to sleep an hour later, I was up at 4:45 to go to work yesterday.  Thankfully her fever was gone by morning and she was better, like it all was just a bad dream.  So I NEEDED the good solid rest. Thank you Jesus for it!

We spent Thursday evening at our local museum celebrating my Mamaw. She is an 84 year old who acts 30 years younger. She's been an artist her whole life. She runs the kitchen at her church-cooking weekly for the congregation, participates with the Brown Bag Programs at the library, helps plan the museum exhibits and regularly paints with the handicap at the ARC, creating artists! She's a busy lady. She makes no money doing any of it, she does it because she loves doing each of them. So to honor her, the museum had a reception. There was good food, a jazz band and her painting & pictures covering a room. It was fun to celebrate her and put a spotlight on how wonderful she is & how much she gives to our community. My Mamaw is so fun & witty. I hope to spend my senior years just like her.
We had a huge photo board there.  It was fun to look over all of those wonderful memories:

My favorite picture of Mamaw, this was after she had one of her boys.  I love the sweet ribbon in her hair.
My Papaw
Mamaw had created these photo books.  I love hearing her stories.


My daddy
 Here is just a taste of Mamaw's work over the years:

KK, me, Lulu

her 4 boys

her Outhouses
Us having a good time:
Lucy and Aunt Lulu

Bella loves her aunts!

Us with the lady of the night!
I love you Mamaw!
Happy Birthday to my Daddy who is turning 55 today!

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