Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I LOVE i hate traffic

A very good friend, Dani, just started a new blog and her 1st post had me laughing and imagining being in her shoes.  I've known her for the past 6 years and she's the most genuine person.  She's a natural mother, some of us have to work hard at being a good mother...she just is!  It's like God gives her all these secrets on awesomeness.  Now we can all follow her on her blog.  She is a creative, organized, honest, goal driven, kind hearted, healthy eating, sensitive, innocent, really smart amazing friend.  Follow her at nesmithrealityshow.blogspot.com.
The title of her blog might be a little confusing until you read her 1st post, then it'll all make sense.

Also check out these two new(er) blogs of my sweet friends/co-workers:

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