Tuesday, August 28, 2012


If you've never heard of the I AM SECOND movement, I'm happy to introduce you to it today.  
It is a movement to inspire people to live for God.  I think it's pretty awesome.  On the website, I found it interesting to hear the testimony from some famous people: MLB player Josh Hamilton, Super Bowl coach Tony Dungy, NFL players Sam Bradford and Colt McCoy, former Korn guitarist Brian Welch, American Idol's Jason Castro, actress Bailee Madison, UFC fighter Vitor Belfort, model Kathy Ireland, country music singer Josh Turner, NASCAR drivers, Soul Surfer & shark attack survivor Bethany Hamilton, songwriter Micheal W Smith and many others.
I am taking the 22-Day Challenge and invite you to do it as well.  We all need a little  a lot more God in our lives.  He's waiting on us to seek Him.  The devil is working hard to win us over and we have to fight to be closer to God as the devil is working to keep us from God.  Challenge yourselves to be more Christ-like in all we do.   I want God to work miracles in my life.  My desire is for others to see Christ when they see me.  Pray for me as I take this challenge, and I'll be praying that someone will see this and be encouraged to make changes in their life to be more committed to God.

Update:  As I was typing this the girls were playing next to me.  About a minute after I hit the "Publish" button, I heard Bella saying "Thank you God for Mama and Daddy and Nana and Papa and Pops and Mimi and Dora and Ryeee."  I snapped my head around to see the most precious sight...her little hands were folded and her eyes were closed.  It brought tears to my eyes and proved that God is tapping on my heart...if nothing else, to show Christ to our girls.  To show them the peace and saving grace that only our Lord can provide.  (While we do pray together at night, Bella usually doesn't even close her eyes or bow her head. This is the 1st time I've ever seen her pray on her own.)  Thank you, Lord, I can feel You!

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ihatetraffic said...

You inspired me to do this with you. It's really neat. I'm praying for ya, friend!!!

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