Wednesday, August 15, 2012

My girls LOVE going to the doctor!

Needles, holding still, looking in ears and up the nose, waiting in exam rooms...yea, it doesn't bother my girls.  Lucy, well is her usual laid-back, go with the flow baby girl.  The busy 2 year old LOVES going to see Dr Sawyer and her staff!  She jumps and gets excited every time I tell her we are going.  I try to pack a "fun bag" which is just an old bag with an assortment of toys and books.  That lasts a while, then I'm doing more of a singing/dancing routine to keep them entertained.  I hope there are no cameras and the walls aren't too thin.  If that's the case, you might could find me on YouTube under "Crazy Mama Acts Ridiculous to Keep her Kids from Screaming"

While we were getting ready, Bella found some old velcro rollers and we had to "curl" her hair.
Bella always wants Dr Sawyer to listen to her (even if we are only there for Lucy).  This time she got the stethoscope and listened to everyone.  It was too cute not to snap a picture!

Bella saying "Awww, Lucy."
 Here's a side by side comparison of Lucy and Bella at their 9 month check-up.  I love 9 month old fat rolls!!!  Maybe they do favor more than I think!
After our doctor visit, we went to the pharmacy to get mine and Bella's medicine.  While waiting, Bella grew more restless and hungry, to make everyone's life better, we came home with this princess balloon for the princess herself.  Look at her gripping it even while fast asleep!

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ihatetraffic said...

Meg, you did a GREAT job recording this. I just smiled and giggled while reading this. I love seeing the updates on those precious girls!!!

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