Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We built our house 5 years ago.  I am in a constant state of making it feel homey.  I want friends and family to get a feeling of coziness and comfort when they walk in our home.  Truth be told if I don't get a heads up that someone is coming, they might break their neck tripping over toys.  It's just the way it is and will be while we have children in our home.  They play.  With LOTS of toys.  But if I get a heads up, we do the dash-cleaning, tossing toys & dolls in baskets, books on shelves, on & on & on. Ya know.

These are some of my favorite things in our home:
Quilts that Jacob's grandmother made for each of us on our hardwood floor with cute kiddos playing

our huge back yard

our large, walk in pantry that Bella thinks is her little playroom 

the pretty stone on our front porch

the stone wall around the flower bed that I did (with my daddy's help) while Jacob was working out of town.  He was shocked when he got home.

our front door. When the contractors told us it was time to go pick out a front door, I was shocked to find out that the styles that we like were around $1,500-$3,500!  We scored when we found this beautiful wooden door for $300!  Since it's not in direct weather danger, it's fine that we went with a solid wood door.  It was the best deal we had when building our house and it's one of my favorites!

my refrigerator.  I know, it's kinda crazy to love a fridge, but it has tons of space.  I love my pretty mama even more that the fridge though.

I hung this on our hallway near the girls' bedrooms.
our extra large & deep sink!  I have no problems throwing all the dishes, pots, pans from a meal in here!  

On the house plans this called for a wet bar.  We thought a book shelf would better suit the space.  I'm glad we did.  This is where my photo books and crafty projects live.  

The clay hands/feet prints that were made when our babies were just a few weeks old might be my very favorite things in our home!  I love that I can touch the tinniness of what they once were.  Then on the bottom shelf is a picture of the day that each of the girls were born and my (Bella) pregnancy photo book.

This one is hanging in our room.  Bella was 23 months and Lucy was 3 weeks.

our back screened porch, when it isn't 100 degrees outside.
these pretty jewels might be my 2nd favorite

This is my very favorite painting in the world, painted by my Mamaw.
"Papaw's Pride and Joy"
That's me and my Papaw.

My uncle Chris gave this to me one Chistmas.  It's a painting of my Papaw (his dad's) keepsakes.

Our housewarming gift from Uncle Chris.

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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy Birthday Lindsay!

We celebrated Lindsay's 25th birthday with family, good food and hanging out in the pool!
Our tradition: fluffy white icing on a chocolate cake.  We always fight over who licks the bowl and spoon.

On the menu was sweet tea, chicken and steak kabob, pineapple, peppers and onion off the grill, corn, fresh okra, wild rice, green beans, twice baked sweet potatoes, rolls, rice crispy treats, chocolate cake and peach homemade ice-cream.

 Our crazy family has a silly tradition of singing the birthday song very loud, off key, squalling & squealing with a little opera touch...it freaked Bella out.

She loves cake, just like her mama!
Mamaw & Rylee reading a book.
Homemade ice cream with fresh peaches!! 
Lucy LOVED it!
and the bowl.
And I adore these girls!

Yes, we had our swim suits on...

these 2 love each other so much! 

Who knows?!?

Thanks for giving us a reason to celebrate, Lindsay!  I had a great day!!!  You are an amazing sister, that I love so dearly!

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