Monday, August 20, 2012

a glimpse inside of a 2-year-old's mind

Bella: "Ouch, Mommy.  Your fingernails just bit me!"

Bella has little eczema patches that we put cream on often.  One night she said, "Oooooo, that medicine is SPICY!!"

"Last more" aka last one.

"I not so happy!"  me:"Why Bella?"  B: "Daddy make me mad." When I asked her why he made her mad, she immediately starts jumping around & playing like she had no idea what I was talking about anymore.  That mind is constantly hopping from one thing to another.  At least she doesn't stay mad long!

She never want's to read a's "Read me a story book."

"My tummy still honegran!!"  What that really means is stop what you are doing and find her something else to eat.

After walking behind her Daddy and his stinky fog, with an angry look on her face, she said..."Ewww, I smell poopoo!!!"

There was a local fun evening planned a the high school football stadium.  While getting ready, I told Bella that we were going to meet Mimi & Rylee to jump in a bouncy house.  In lots of disappointment, I look out the window and said "oh no Bella, it's raining!" She ran and opened the front door...with the most hopeful face, she said "I know, we can jump with the unbella!"  She immediately ran inside got the umbrella (that I had forgotten all about).

{Make sure to check back tomorrow for my 1st 'Day in the Life' post!}  

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