Monday, March 10, 2014

my next goal...

In my career as a L&D and pediatric nurse, I have been around breastfeeding since graduation.   This is my opinion on breastfeeding...I strongly trust that it is the best form of nutrition a mother can provide for her newborn.  It is a very natural thing, but it must be learned by both mother and baby. I would encourage new mothers to trust their body and trust the baby's instinct to nurse and trust when he/she is full.  Don't obsess over the amount taken at each feeding, just trust that if the baby is content, peeing, pooping and gaining weight that you are doing perfect!  Some times this is easy for some mothers and babies and sometimes there are challenges.  I encourage every mother to try to breastfeed to give that newborn the colostrum that is so rich in antibodies & more gentle on the newborn's brand new, sensitive tummy.  I would say if a mother is skeptical about exclusively breastfeeding, to just set a goal of breastfeeding for the 1st 2 weeks, if things are going well at that time and there is no need to stop-then make your goal until the baby is 1 month old, if this are going well, make it 3 months, reevaluate, then nurse the baby until 6 months-1 year old.  However, those mothers who are so overwhelmed and consumed and stressed out about trying to breastfeed that they are in tears, and even postpartum certainly is acceptable to formula feed.

In our pediatric clinic we all strongly encourage mothers to breastfeed their baby. We also think that it is very important to offer plenty of support for the mother and baby and the possible challenges that might occur.  With that, Dr Sawyer suggested that I get my IBCLC~International Board Certified Lactation Consutant.  I agreed with the importance and need since there are NO Lactation Consultants within an hour of our clinic.  I have learned that it is much more in depth that just taking a test.  I've been warned that it is a very difficult test.  I have to have 90 specific breastfeeding education hours.  NINETY!  Nurses are required to have 24 continuing education hours every 2 years for license renewal.  Now I am cramming in 90 hours in before the test date in July.  The past 2 days I have been watching 12+ hours of webcasts in preparation for a 3 day Lactation Exam review conference in Atlanta.  I'll learn more and see more boobs that I ever thought I would ever see during this conference.

Say a little prayer for me as I challenge myself to pursue this Lactation Consultant goal.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

My precious nephew, Jace

On mine and Jacob's 8th anniversary, I became an aunt for the 2nd time. Cassi and Bobo brought baby Jace into this world.  He is small and snuggly and soft and perfect.  Our girls just loved and was so sweet when they met him. 
March 4, 2014
3 days old

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