Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New Book Collection

I recently pinned this on Pinterest and knew that I wanted to start this Christmas tradition this year.  You wrap 25 Christmas books and number them 1-25. Every evening the children get to unwrap one book and read it under the Christmas tree.  I immediately started a list of 25 Christmas books that I wanted.  I looked on-line to price how much this would set me back.  I price compared used books at Amazon and was cheaper. Amazon's used books are cheap, but after adding in shipping fees, they were more expensive.  I went to a 2nd and Charles used book store and got 14 used books for $69.  Ranging from $0.50-$10.48. I am happy with that!  Here's my new Christmas collection so far:

In the Christmas book search, I discovered that we were missing some really good books.  So these are some new (to us) year-round books:

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