Thursday, November 3, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday, my lovely Lucy!

Dear Lovely Lucy,
Today you turned 5 years old. I made muffins and put a candle in one and sang happy birthday to you as I woke you up this morning.  I often make you promise me that you'll always be my baby, no matter how old you are.  You always promise me that you will. I say, don't ever be mean to me like some teenagers act toward their mama.  You respond, "Oh mama, no!  Never!"  I am going to hold you to that when you become a teenager. I am finding truth to the saying "The days are long, but the years are short."  As a mommy to you and your sister, a wife and working hard to make sure we make a good living...I am often exhausted at the end of each day.  I love that you want to snuggle me.  You definitely bring light to my day.  Daddy chose your name perfectly.  Lucy means light.  You bring light to our family!  You are witty and funny!  You are so silly and sweet and tender hearted.  Your hair is still as untamed and wild.  You started gymnastics this year.  You have so much fun.  The beam is your favorite and you think the bars are hard, but you love swinging from them.  We bought a boat this year and spent almost every single weekend at Lake Martin this summer.  That's where you learned to swim.  No swimmies, no life jacket.  We also welcomed a puppy into our family this year.  Bella told Mimi and Pops that we were going to get a "Sherman Pepper", really she's a German Shepard   It was so cute, we decided to name her Pepper.  Pepper Epperson.  You like to play with her, even if she is still in her biting, puppy phase that drives us all crazy. This is your last year at Ms Betty's.  Next year you start big school with Bella!  Your daddy and I think you are already very smart.  I sure do love you fiercely.  I am so thankful for our days together. 

I love you,

helping daddy with his shaving cream

dress up + music + card playing=fun family night!
planting seeds at the beginning of spring

Photo booth fun at the beach

laughing with daddy during a gymnastics meet

Easter 2016

Easter 2016

Lake baby!

you sign this heart and the "I love you" sign all the time!

I adore those sweet smiles!

July 4th, 2016  Watching the sunset on Lake Martin before the Fireworks show

Jumping off our boat

Halloween 2016.  You were Mal from The Decedents 

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