Friday, August 10, 2012

It's been 10 years...really?

Our high school class reunion is tomorrow night & I'm really excited about it.  I think we had a great class.  So many of us got along and had so much fun.  We all grew up together...literally.  Our school was small and we graduated with about 80 classmates.  I've seen several of my friends from high school off and on since graduation and the cool part about it is, usually when we get back together, even though we all have grown and changed, we click and conversation is easy and laughter comes quickly.  I'm sure this weekend will be a lot of fun.  Here's some memories...

Homecoming court Sr year
Spirit Week (no, I didn't wear camo on a regular basis)
Tacky Day during Spirit Week
Award Banquet.  See that metal?  That meant I was really smart...or something like that.
Homecoming Parade
It was so cool that I was in the Homecoming Court my senior year and Lindsay won 9th grade attendant.  We were both escorted on the football field.  Daddy walked with me and Papaw with Linds.

We weren't awesome cheerleaders by anyone's standards...but WE HAD SO MUCH FUN out there on that field acting like we were!!!
Yep, the football player and the cheerleader...10 years later, married with 2 babies and couldn't be happier.
4A State Champs!!

I'm excited about partying it up with the more mature version of these old friends this weekend!

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