Saturday, August 4, 2012

Sales, huge bra, salsa, crazy hats and an almost tax-free day

Yesterday, we kicked off the tax-free weekend (even though we still paid 2%).   Mama, Lindsay and I went shopping while KK kept Bella and Lucy.  We went to Carters and wrapped up on the 40% off everything sale & we all had 20% off coupons.  We got lots of fall and clearance-summer goodies for our little girls.  We got Bella 7 outfits and 4 pairs of leggings.  Lucy got 4 outfits, her halloween costume and a swimsuit for next year!   Mimi told us that she would spend $50 each on Bella and Rylee (Lucy has plenty of Bella's hand-me-downs).  She ended up spending more on them, so Lindsay and I bought her 3 shirts.  Then we chowed down at Chuy's.  YUMMY.  Next up, Charming Charlie's.
Those were some HUGE cups...sorry, I had to do it.
My crazy mama was acting like she saw a tornado and ran to the Storm Tracker  truck.
She was hoping Mickey Ferguson was there, she's a HUGE fan.   
crazy girls in Charming Charlie's

Bella, Lucy and I visited with Brynn and baby Eli for a few hours.  That sweet little guy is 8 weeks old and no longer looks like a newborn.  He's filling out and chunking up. 
When we got home I had 2 little models, excited about their goodies...

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Melody Ellis said...

I need to go shopping now... but I so don't want to get out in that craziness today.

Rhonda Boone said...

I love your Lil models! They are soo sweet! And I think Bella is gonna be sassy like her Mommy! :)))

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