Saturday, October 29, 2011

Last weekend as a family of 3...

Our lives are about to change.  We are about to bring another sweet baby into this world that we will love just as much as we do Bella.  It's still a little hard to believe that this is our last weekend as a family of 3.  Here's how we spent this beautiful fall weekend...

Friday night we went took this little fishy to a Halloween party.

Saturday morning, we did a fall mini-photo session with K.  I took this picture right before we left, isn't she adorable!  I can't wait to see how they turned out.  Kamin was so patient and kind with Bella, I'm sure they'll be great!

After the photo session, we ate Mexican for lunch, and came home to find this treat in the mail.  About 6 weeks ago, I took my National Certification test, specializing in Inpatient OB.  I have been anxiously awaiting the results...I PASSED!  

Sunday morning we slept late & snuggled by the fire.  We got a little fishy ready and went to visit Nana and Papa.  After hanging out a while, we came home so the fishy could nap while we did some overdue projects around the house that we've been putting off.  After she woke up, we went to Mammaw's house then to Mawmaw & Pawpaw Crowe's house.  A quick trip to the store, then we came home for snuggles, tickling and clothes washing.

Rylee the pumpkin & Bella the fishy

Aunt Lulu, Rylee and Uncle Nick

Aunt Lulu and Aunt KK are so excited to meet their newest niece  

We've got Lucy's room set up, her pack-n-play is by our bed, our bags are in the car.  All the cameras are charged and reality is beginning to set in that there are BIG changes in our near future.  
Lucy, we are ready to meet you!

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Friday, October 28, 2011

326 Diapers and 1,136 wipes...We are blessed!

Today, was my LAST OB visit!  I am dilated 2.5cm/50% effaced!  I was happy to hear that these contractions are doing something!  After my OB appointment, my wonderful co-workers friends that I work with threw me and another one of my good friends a diaper shower!  It was decorated so adorably and the food was great (as usual).  We really know how to party!

Fun little owls that my crafty friend made

Stacey and I have our babies around the same time.  Her 1st son is 4 months older than Bella, and she is due with boy #2 one month after Lucy.  We always joke that hopefully our kids will marry each other.  It has been fun to go through our pregnancies together!  We would play on the ultrasound machine looking at our little jumping beans, complain about ALL the discomforts of pregnancy, and eat chips & ice cream together.  Pretty soon, we'll be eating salads and talking about how much weight we are losing (hopefully)!

We are so blessed to work with such a wonderful, thoughtful group of women to give us so many great gifts!

Bella's little seat, ha
My friends are so talented and creative!  Just look at what all was MADE just for us...
This yummy striped cake was made by another sweet co-worker!

Thank you to all of the thoughtful hostesses!

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Bella's Big Girl Room

Even though, this room has been done for weeks, Bella just moved into it last week.  I have had extreme anxiety about her sleeping in her big girl bed.  She is usually a great sleeper, so I really didn't want to mess that up, but little Lucy will be in her crib soon.  So after we got back from the beach, we made the big switch.  She has amazed me!  I'm so proud.  She's only cried a few nights.  We decided to move Bella into the room across the hall and leave the nursery for Lucy.  I did make a few small changes for Lucy.  We'll explore her room another day.

For now, let's check out Bella's big girl room...

This was my Granny's dresser.  Granny is very present throughout this room.  I love the look and sturdiness of this dresser & mirror.  

I lined the drawers with this sweet fabric.

 Bedtime stories from this book have become a new ritual. 

I really, really, really LOVE this lamp! Like, it's my favorite in my whole house!  This is also Bella's wish box.  On her 1st birthday, all the guest wrote a wish/prayer for her & placed them in this special box.

 The sweet frame that hangs next to her mirror, I think fits the "feel" of this room perfectly.  I plan to update the photos pretty soon.  

Her big girl bed!  I love the quilt with sweet little blue flower on it.  I made her "B" out of MDF & tulle for about $6.  

This monkey swung in her crib.  Every night she would reach up there & turn it on herself to put her to sleep.  So monkey got to go across the hall too.  It provides a little extra light & music while she's trying to fall asleep.  

Butterfly night light.

I shopped around for a miniature couch for this area of the room, but I couldn't find one cheaper than $100. My budget for this room was very tight & that was WAY more that I was willing to spend!  So as an alternative, Lindsay found this toddler bed at a yard sale for $3.  I cleaned & spray painted it.  I think it works just as good!  Bella loves playing & putting her babies to bed in it.

Toy storage

I've had this window sitting in our garage for years waiting for the perfect project...I found it!  I so loved how this turned out.  I love the fabric backgrounds.  I purposely left a square open for the perfect sisters photo.

This bedside table & wooden box was also Granny's.  I got this star light and cord cover inspiration from my creative friend Kristin.  If you only knew how excited I was to finally get the star light hanging!  Under the star, in the frame is a sweet poem that my Granny jotted down.  We found it folded in one of her drawers after she passed away.  It's been tucked away for 8 years.  I pulled it out for Bella's room.  It's like a message from heaven to my little girls from my sweet Granny.

View from the door

View from the window

I hope you've enjoyed the tour.  I love her vintage, new room!

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

37 weeks

After Lucy's baby shower, Lindsay and I wanted some belly photos...

There were a couple of little girls trying to hijack our photo was cute to see these camera hogs.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

592 Diapers and 496 Wipes

Today, my sweet family threw me a wonderful little diaper shower.  Even though there was only 11 (adult) guests, my mama & sisters went all out!  The decorations and food was so impressive!  I had a wonderful afternoon with my family.  I am so very thankful that they love me enough to get me diapers and wipes to stock us up for Lucy.   Having 2 in diapers can be a little overwhelming on the wallet & thanks to my kind family, this will help us so much!

Everyone at the shower (minus Cassi who had to leave early)


We tried for a group girlie picture...but there were 2 little girls who would not cooperate.  Looking back at the pictures, I had to giggle at the facial expressions caught...

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