Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Las Vegas!!

I would love to say that we went to Vegas for Jacob's 30th birthday, but truth is he had to go for business meetings and I tagged along for the fun! We still celebrated his birthday there. Every second that he wasn't in meetings, we were enjoying Vegas!  When he was in meetings, I was hanging out by the pool at the Mirage, where we were staying.  It was beautiful!  I must say....Alabama has hot summers, but Nevada has hot summers too! Everyone kept saying that with the decreased humidity there that it wouldn't feel as hot, but with temperatures over 100* everyday...it didn't matter...it was HOT!
Staying on the strip was so much fun.  Everything was at our fingertips.  We walked the strip every  night.  Going into almost each casino, giving them a little of our hard earned cash.  We gambled a little and lost every dime.  We mostly played the 25 cent slots and 3 card poker.  I can see how people get addicted to gambling.  It can be fun...but it really hurt my feelings to lose our money and never hit it big.  We didn't get carried away and lose too much.

 While I really did enjoy every minute of our little get away, this evening was my favorite of the entire trip....
We ate dinner at Top of the World restaurant, which is more than 800 feet in the sky. It had breathtaking views and the food was delicious.  We watched the sunset as we slowly revolved in the sky, getting a full 360 view of all that Las Vegas had to offer.  Even though it was a splurge, it made for a very romantic dinner and wonderful evening.

After that amazing dinner, we hit up Fremont Street which was different than the strip.  Jacob and I thought it was super fun and we stayed until the early morning hours.

I really enjoyed The Golden Nugget casino, I thought it was a very classy and beautiful casino.  However I wasn't able to get rich quick while we were there.

We stayed at the beautiful Mirage
We went one day to the Hoover Dam.

 Of course we walked the strip quite a bit...
And we rode the roller coaster at New York New York
watched the gorgeous water show at the Bellagio
This is just too funny to not share...conversation between me and my sisters.  They keep me rolling!
I was so excited. Drinking my diet coke from a REAL glass, eating my snack mix and spreading out in the roomy seats....Jacob slept.

We had a blast in Vegas!  I'm happy as long as I'm with him!

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