Monday, November 26, 2012

Santa 2012

Bella enjoyed loving on Santa this year for a few short minutes.  Lucy was ok with him too!

 Bella's request to Santa this year, at the age of almost 3, was a mermaid.  

A little flash back to last year when Lucy was a tiny, 2 weeks old and Bella was almost 2 years old:
Aunt KK with Bella and Lucy

Mimi, Bella, Aunt KK, Luce, Aunt Lulu and Rylee
 The carousel was so much and our crew really enjoyed it!

 Bella LOVED Rudolph.  She ran up to him, gave him a huge snuggle and kiss.  This is the 1st life size character that she went to!  I think we are ready for Disney World...I wish.

 You can't have a long, white beard, glasses, a red & white jacket and not get 2 2-year-olds run up to you and yell "Look!  It's Santa Claus!!!" 
Oops.  Sorry.

I must share this awesome picture of my husband and brother-in-law when they were 1 year old and 3 months old.  I think I'm a little strange because I LOVE THE SCREAMING SANTA PICTURES.  

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Sunday, November 25, 2012


This year, the garland that I usually use on the mantle lost it's shimmer.  When I plugged it up...dead, dang it!  So I had to do something different.  I added lights and ignored the burnt out ones.  I added twigs for the 1st time this year.  Jacob thinks they are stupid.  I like them.  When decorating, I have a constant struggle of loving rustic and sparkle.  Opposites, I know.  My mantle this year is a perfect display of my opposing Christmas style.  

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Thursday, November 22, 2012


On this day of thanks...I am grateful for so much!  As everyone is full of turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes and pie, I'll be working.  Ugh.  I've been griping all week, but I'm thankful for a job and an income.  My Mamaw offered to host Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday, so everyone could eat dinner with our spouse's families today.  I loved this idea because I won't miss out on all of the family fun.  But I'd still rather be with my in-laws today.  It's ok...I'm over it.  
A few other things I'm thankful for...
  • my loving husband, our beautiful Bella and lovely little Lucy
  • my wonderfully fun and supportive family
  • opportunities and new beginnings
  • my home that's usually covered in toys & giggles and always covered with love
  • the hope of tomorrow
  • the memories of yesterday
I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Whether you are with your close family, extended family, friends or all alone...please spend the day thinking of all that you are thankful for.  Make a call, send a message, tell someone how thankful you are to have them in your life.  

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

a little comparison

I love a good now/then and before/after.

These are both favorite pictures of Aunt Lulu and Lucy.  Both taken when we went to see Santa.

We were at the beach when Bella was 10 months old. I saw this cool tree, sat Bella up there and got some pretty cool pictures.  
Fast forward 2 years...Lucy is 11 months in these pictures. We noticed this pretty cool tree, got the same dress out and took some pretty cool pictures.

You all know well what our babies look are some pictures when we were little.  Who looks like who???
Me probably about 3 years old
Jacob around a year old
me at my granny's around 9 months old

This is Jacob...but Lucy makes this face daily!
Me when I was about 2.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012

trusting in the Lord, hoping for the best

I don't believe anything happens by coincident.  I believe in the divine plan that our Lord has set for us. I whole-heartily believe that the people in our lives mold us into the person we are.  The people surrounding us are preparing us for our future.  I am confident that the Lord allows doors to be open at a precise time and opportunities are given to us.  What we choose to do with those opportunities are on us.  How hard we are willing to work for what we want to achieve is up to us.  In this life we will have to make decisions.  Some small, some life changing.  Some easy, some extremely difficult.  I don't know how people who don't put their faith in the Lord endures such decisions.  When I am at a crossroad in my life, I pray intensely.  Trusting in the Lord that all will work out.

When you say your prayers, mention me.  I am at that crossroad ~ trusting in the Lord, hoping for the best.

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Monday, November 12, 2012

She is beautiful

This past weekend was good.  Mostly relaxing.  We needed that. 
We were outside doing a little yard work.  Bella running around saying "SUPER GIRL!!!"  The way the light was shining behind her hair, her smile, her giggle, the little dance she did, carefree, angelic....I just thought she is beautiful.
Bella and {what she calls} the Willy tree.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lucy on the scales during her 1st year

10 minutes 27 seconds old
7 pounds 0 ounces
4 days old
6 pounds 15 ounces
2 months old
10 pounds 10 ounces
35th percentile
4 months old
13 pounds 3 ounces
6 months old
14 pounds 13 ounces
25th percentile
9 months old
17 pounds 6 ounces
35th percentile
12 months
18 pounds 7 ounces
28th percentile

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