Saturday, April 21, 2012

Celebrating Brynn and baby Eli

I spent most of today celebrating my best friend, Brynn and her baby Eli.  We had a lovely tea for her.  From the day she told me she was pregnant, I've been excited to throw her a wonderful baby tea.  It was at Darby's parents lake house.  The 3 of us grew up together.  Her parents claim us as their own.  They were kind to let us take over their home for a few hours for our baby bash.  It was beautiful with a large deck and patio to mingle around on.  We were worried about the weather.  Earlier this week they were predicting 80% chance of rain.  Yesterday it was a 30% chance.  It turned out to be a partly sunny day in the mid-70s with a nice breeze blowing.  Perfect!  It was a great turn out.  
I love trying to be crafty, and this occasion was perfect for a few little projects.  Lindsay and I made these tulle balls.  I thought they were a better idea than the tissue balls because they could easily be stored and reused, unlike the tissue balls.  Being a labor & delivery nurse, I get great access to the cutest door bows/wreaths/signs.  I recently saw a wreath similar to the one below and tweaked it to make it perfect for Brynn at the tea and on her hospital door.  I experimented with the fabric rosettes on Bella and Lucy's Easter baskets...thought they turned out great, and got started on the wreath.  Brynn loved it!
 Darby did a great job on the blue punch!  It was funny, when she was describing the recipe she found on the internet, I blurted out "Oh yea!  I pinned that too!"  Needless to say, Pinterest was mentioned more than a few times today.
 We had a great spread too!  Can I just say how much I LOVE baby shower food!  Mmmmmmmm!  On the spiral cupcake holder, I made bird nests with blue eggs (sixlets candy).  The tea wasn't really "themed".  But on the invitations had an adorable blue bird sitting in his nest.  That same cute bird was on top of the cake, so there's where the nest/eggs on the food table came from.
 See those croissant wrapped yummies below?  They were called "Dirty Diapers", full of sausage and cheese.  When we were setting up for the tea, I said "Man, I'm so hungry I could eat a Dirty Diaper"...and I did!  Mmmmm.
 Here's Brynn with her hostesses (minus one who couldn't make it).

 Check out all of her adorable gifts!!!
 See the diaper bag at the top of the photo below?  That was the diaper bag that I gave her!  I love it, she loved it...score!  A local artist make it from a roll of white canvas!  Can you believe that?  It's so unique and creative.  I thought it isn't that "babyish" and could even be used as an overnight bag when he gets older.  If you live in the Birmingham area check out Laura Stacy at Pepper Place on Saturday mornings and get you a one of a kind bag.

 Another awesome gift was a "Posh Pusher" hospital gown! She'll be adorable even in labor!
I love her so much!
Brynn and her husband, Josh.

Brynn and Lucy
Brynn, I love you.  You deserve all there is good in this world.  Enjoy every moment of this brief, but exciting time in your life.

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