Saturday, November 19, 2011

In His time

My best friend, Brynn, has had a long, emotional 2 and a half years struggle with infertility.  As I went through my pregnancies, it was such bitter sweet feeling of being so happy for myself, but so desperately wanting her to experience the joys of pregnancy and motherhood too.  A while back, we spent the day together and had a wonderful time.

Sweet card from Brynn

Brynn bought Lucy a sweet little gift.

There was another little card on top of the shoes...

Her time has FINALLY come.  Brynn is pregnant!  This is something that we've talked about for so long and it's now reality!  Thousands of prayers have been answered.  I teared up with such joy.  I cannot stop smiling!  This is such an amazing feeling knowing that she will be blessed!  She will be one of the pregnant girls that will be vomiting, but happy...have horrible heartburn, but thankful...having strong contractions, but rejoicing.  

We ate lunch and had a pedicure.  We never stopped smiling, talking and dreaming of her pregnancy, her little baby and her future.  

Congratulations Brynn, I love you!

Make sure to check her blog later for pregnancy updates!

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How precious!!! I'm so glad you have each other for best friends, they are more precious than gold!!

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