Wednesday, April 25, 2012


It's an exciting day in our house when a baby gets to try baby food for the 1st time!  I got out the video camera and the camera to document this big moment.  We fed Lucy bananas as her 1st "solid" food.  For some reason, I skipped rice and oatmeal with Bella and Lucy.  When they were 6 months (or close to it) I went straight to baby food.  Lucy seemed to love it!  I hope that she loves it when we try peas and carrots too! Bella has always been a good eater & I can only hope that Lucy will be too.  She would reach her hand out to help me shove it in her mouth.  Bella was funny too.  She wanted to wipe Lucy's mouth after each bite and told her "don't spit it out"!  

Lucy laughing at her big sister.

This was the only yucky face, I think it was because she was done with it!
Of course, I had to catch some of the funny faces that Bella will give us...

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