Friday, April 6, 2012

My (crazy) family, that I love so dearly

My family get-togethers consist of: eating a wide variety of delicious food, roaming around Mamaw's yard, laughing, being silly and taking pictures.  I love it!  I always look forward to hanging out with my crazy family!
Mimi, Aunt KK, Lucy

Camera sisters!

Bella and her sweet daddy.

TRADITION.  Mamaw and her grand and great-grand children.  We have always took pictures on Mamaw's front steps.  Funny how as we've grown those steps have gotten smaller.


My beautiful girls and I staring straight into the sun, trying to take a picture.

Our little family.  Now that's an AMAZING LOVE.

My wonderful family.  I love how it is growing every year!  

Daddy with his girls!

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