Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A morning at the Zoo

I work with a wonderful group of ladies.  We are blessed enough to all be going through this life stage together and figuring out how to be good mommies.  We are constantly getting advice from each other.  Not comparing, saying my kids are better than yours...but laughing at stories about our crazy kiddos and how our lives are now nothing like they were, but busier, crazier, louder and so much better.  When each of us were on maternity leave we would get together and eat at the Cheesecake Factory.  It had a huge variety for food, they give the babies bananas & bread for free and it was usually loud enough that we weren't causing a scene.  It was always funny to see the waitresses try to figure out how to seat all of us, each of us needed a high chair or sling...or both!  But with the infants growing into toddlers and the weather warming up, we decided to meet at the zoo one morning!  We had so much fun and so did our babies.  We had 7 babies and there were 5 of us.  Some of the kids couldn't make it and others were supposed to come, but couldn't because they had to work or had sick babies.  

I feel completely blessed to work with such wonderful ladies!
I asked for a smile...this is what I got.

Bella and Brookelynn

Lucy just sat in the back of the double stroller and enjoyed the ride!

We packed a lunch and ate under the trees before heading home!

I know that I'm a whiter shade of pale, but I am trying to avoid the cancer-causing tanning bed.

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