Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

I had a good Easter. We went to church. It was a good service. It was Lucy's 1st time going, I'm ashamed to say that we haven't gone since I've had her. I'll admit that I've become one of those who go Easter & Christmas and other times sprinkled throughout the year. But not regularly. I plan on changing that. I enjoy going to church. It encourages me, invigorates my commitment to Christ. Most importantly, I want my girls to know Christ & accept Him into their hearts. I want them to find that peace & hope that only He can provide. I know they are young, but Bella, at the age of 2 is very smart & very aware of her surroundings and our actions. I want for her to know that her Mommy & Daddy love the Lord and believe that church is important. I want to teach them by showing them that worshiping & learning about Christ is a regular thing. Not something that's important only a few times a year!

When we woke up, Bella was excited to discover her basket & search for the Easter eggs that the bunny left for her. After church we ate lunch, dyed eggs & had a fun Easter egg hunt with our family. All that fun wore out those girls. They were asleep in about 5 minutes after buckling them in the car. Jacob washed my car. I messed around outside a little, then headed in for a nap myself. Woke up in time to eat dinner, watch our show, Ax Men, snuggle, giggle & watch the girls play. Then maybe my most favorite moment of the day...I rocked Lucy to sleep, I sang to her and said a long prayer with her in my arms. For a while, she just stared into my eyes, flashing a smile every now & then. Those sweet hands would reach for my face as a softly sang. It was such a tender moment that I wish I could relive for the rest of my life. But I know these days are passing too quickly. And like Bella did, this phase will eventually pass & I'll no longer be rocking an infant. That thought breaks my heart.

Here's some of our fun from Easter:

Lucy is checking out her basket.

She's excited about it!

Dyeing the eggs.

Finding them...
 See the concrete pig hidden in the tall grass?  Well, Bella didn't.  All she saw was the orange egg on its head.  She reached for it then noticed what it was, snatched her hand back and yelled "Ahhh, PIGGY!"

There was a prize egg with $1 for each of the grand babies.  Bella found hers and was disappointed it wasn't chocolate.  In her little mind, everything is free.  She'll learn soon enough.

Uncle Bobo & Papa hunting eggs with her.

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