Friday, April 13, 2012

I did not like myself today.

Today I had a terrible attitude!  My personality is usually happy-go-lucky.  Things might frustrate me during the day, but I can usually shake it off and move on.  Today was very different!  Everyone was on my nerves, in my way or just pissing me off!  My nerves were raw!  I tried to smile and tell myself to didn't work.  I kept singing the Eagle's song "Get Over It" didn't work.  I didn't even like myself today!  I was in the bathroom, washing my hands today, giving myself a pep talk.  Saying 'quit acting so pissy. Smile. It's Friday. You are off this weekend. What is so bad in your world that you are acting like this for?!?'  I walked out of the bathroom a little less frustrated...then someone pissed me off again (over nothing, I'm sure).  If I could have a dollar for every time I rolled my eyes today or clinched my jaw, I'd be able to buy my new sectional this weekend!

To anyone reading this that had the misfortune of putting up with my pissy, frustrated attitude today. I AM SORRY!

In trying to figure out what is up with me because I am so out of character, I wonder if it's because "Aunt Flow" is visiting for the 1st time in over a year?!?  Who knows?  I've never been moody or even very crampy during the dreaded monthly visits.  This better not be a new norm for me!  I hate bad attitudes!  I certainly don't want to turn into one of those grumpy people!

On my way home, I turned on my music that usually puts me in a good mood.  I rolled the windows down (turned the heat on).  Sang.  Prayed.  When I got home & opened the mail, I thought things might really be turning around...the power bill was lower.  I got a sweet thank you note. A little (but wanted) paycheck from my flexi job.  I heard the music blasting from upstairs.  I knew Jacob was up there working out.  I opened Lucy's door, she was peacefully sleeping.  I went in the bonus room to see Bella dancing and she lit up when she saw me.  I dropped to my knees and got a big hug and kiss.  I knew my day was better!  I got a little hubby-lovin'.  Turned on Jillian's 30-day Shred and got busy!  I never work out after working a 12 hour shift, but I was working out all my frustration from today!  It felt good.  I feel good!  Even though old "Flow" hasn't left, my bad attitude is!  Good riddance.
Me working out my frustrations.  Laughing because I know how stupid I look doing work out videos.  

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