Friday, April 27, 2012

The good

I'm an optimist. All you pessimistic people that hate people like me, just go be pissed off in your corner.  One of my very 1st jobs was a gymnastic instructor.  My sweet boss had only 1 rule..."Never say anything negative without saying something positive".  That was so important to these young girls that we trying so hard.  Even when some didn't have the natural ability, they tried hard.  We were taught to praise them in some way.  I have carried that rule with me throughout my life.  This week did start out bad, but there's been plenty of good in this week too!

The Good:

  • We paid off the debt that we wanted gone before we bought our new sectional. That moves us 1 step closer to having those 2 small/old chairs out of our living room!
  • Bella is getting better and so far Lucy isn't sick!
  • We laughed at Lucy as she tries to watch TV, backwards and upside-down.
  • Jacob got to spend a few extra unexpected days home with us girls. We love days where we are all together.
  • I sewed together a pillow thats been in my To-Do List for 3 months! I bought a pillow case at a yard sale last year. It had a hole & stains. So I got the good part & bought blue minky dot for the sides.  Love It!

  • After 3 months, we got our camper back from the repair shop. Remember?? The tree.  It's all sparkly and new looking.  I'm glad it's back home.  We might even go camping in it very soon!

  • We ate out for my mother-in-law and father-in-law's birthday last night.
  • We visited a friend who had a brand new baby girl (YES, we washed our hands before touching.  NO, our flu baby did not go in the room.)
All in all it hasn't been the best week...but there's been plenty of good sprinkled in this week too!  I have this shirt hanging in my closet that I've always loved the saying.  I was told that it was a fundraiser for a young girl who had been in a terrible car accident, to help raise money for her rehab.  
"Don't ask God to make life easier, ask Him to make you stronger."
Amelia Woo

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