Saturday, April 14, 2012

More grass, please.

Today I was magically better, back to the old me.  We had a wonderful day!  Lucy was ready for a bottle at 6:15 this morning.  I wasn't happy about that.  Bella was up about 15 minutes later.  It's still better than getting up early AND throughout the night!  I'm so happy to get uninterrupted sleep at night now!  But 8:00, when Jacob was getting up, Lucy was cranky and going back to sleep.  Jacob ended up waking up Lucy at 5:00!!!  Yep, Lucy had a 9 hour nap!  Have you ever heard of such!?!  We were very busy, so we got a lot accomplished during her outrageously long nap.  Jacob left this morning to borrow his Papaw's tractor to disk up our hill to plant grass.  He bought seed, fertilizer and hay and loaded it on that LONG trailer.  I saw him pull's like the trailer kept coming and coming.

Bella jumped in her daddy's arms as soon as he got home. He put her on the trailer and fear of heights set in.  

A little background:  We have been in our house for 5 years.  We built it.  We have done all of the yard work (with some help from our sweet family some years).  We have 7.5 acres.  About 4 acres is our "yard".  I know that is a lot of grass.  I questioned Jacob during our planning, making sure that he was ok with cutting that much grass.  In the south, cutting season is April through October.  He said he wanted a big, beautiful green yard and he's got it!  Today we did, what we hope, is our final planting of the yard.  That's right, we have been planting grass for the past 5 springs in sections.  I'd say that we are ol' pros at it now.  Our final recommendations:  Buy sod.  It's worth the money.  It's instant gratification and it usually takes root easily with regular watering.  It feels wonderful when walking barefoot! We sodded a large area in the front and back that's closest to our house.  We tried checker-boarding the sod to make it go further in an area of the yard.  It worked, but we have to go back and add sand in the low areas to make it more even.  For the area further from the house, we seeded to save money.  We have learned the must-haves of this too.  You must use good quality seed.  You must fertilize and you must cover with hay, so it doesn't wash away.  And of course, you must water regularly.  Morning being the best time.  And you must be patient.  With that being said, we still have a lot on our wish list for next year.  Like fill in areas where the grass isn't doing well and planting trees.  But this is the LAST of the grass.  I'll be so happy to no longer see dirt in our yard.  
That's a lot of seed and fertilizer!
Tractor Ride!  

Disking.  It looks like such a small area from this picture.  Trust me, it wasn't!
We also plan to plant some trees back there to add to our big backyard.

Jacob spreading the goods.
My job in this whole process is to spread the hay.  Jacob is allergic to it!  In minutes, he starts sneezing non-stop, he begins wheezing.  So it's my job.  I spread 10 bales of hay.  I counted that as my work out for today.  After Bella woke up from her nap she came out to visit her t-shirt and panties.  So cute!

Jacob felt bad that he couldn't help me spread the hay.  That I had to do it all.  So after we all showered, we had a family date night.  We all went out to dinner and had a great time.  

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