Thursday, May 3, 2012

6 months

Has it really already been half a year since this precious Lucy entered our lives?  She makes my heart smile, right down to my very core.  She makes me happy.  She's so laid back and easy going.  We introduced her to baby food last week and she was very excited about that!  She is an amazing sleeper.  Even though we did have to do the sleep training that took about a week, it's been smooth sailing since then.  She will sleep anywhere from 12-15 hours during the night and take 2-4 hour nap during the day!  She easily falls asleep on her on, even though I love the moments that I get to rock her to sleep.  This stage is so precious.  She loves her bumbo seat and her exersaucer.  She loves to grab my hair and tug.  When we get home from work or pick her up out of her bed, she lights up with excitement.  Those arms and legs go to dancing.  My heart cannot help but to squeeze with love for her in these moments.

These are a couple of pictures that I snapped last night while she was in her bath.  
She loves her toes and to chew on her right thumb.

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