Tuesday, May 15, 2012

4 year back yard project...GRASS

 We've come a long way to make our yard look the way it does today.  Here's our back yard:
July 2008
I was weighing down the root-rake.  It's a great feeling knowing that MY WEIGHT was such an important part in shaping our yard into what it is today  :-/

January 2009
Bare and bald.
February 2009
Thanks to my father-in-law's "know how", we enclosed under our deck.  It looks a lot better and added lots of storage!

April 2009

April 2009
July 2009

October 2009
March 2010

March 2010
Our sweet family helps us lay a HUGE truck load of sod.
March 2010
We checker-board a portion to make it go further.  It did grow together, but we plan to go back and add sand to even it out.
During the spring of 2011, we seeded the lower part of the hill, fertilized, covered with hay and watered regularly.  A year later, it looks good!
May 2012
Just one month after seeding the upper portion of the hill, it's beginning to grow together!  With more fertilizer and watering, it'll finally be one continuous lawn with no dirt/muddy areas!  

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Brittany said...

looks great!! good job!

Brynn said...

Wow! I forgot what it looked like before! It looks great! Now...the pool ;)

Megan said...

Brynn-the pool is high on our Wish-List!

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