Saturday, March 3, 2012

4 Months

Today, our lovely Lucy is 4 months old!  She's not so tiny anymore.  She has a few rolls on her thighs.  She's found her toes.  She loves to sit up and see what everyone is doing.  In her Bumbo seat, she'll almost turn all the way around just to watch us.  She is a wigglier!  She can slide down in her bouncy seat in a matter of seconds!  Buckling her in is a must!  Same with her in the bath tub.  Kick, wiggle, squirm, scoot. She'll be crawling after Bella before we know it.  She is such a happy baby!  She just smiles all the time.

That sweet smile is so big it wrinkles her nose.  I love her little swirl in her hair too.

I love you Lucy Lee!

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