Saturday, December 3, 2011

Happy 1 Month!!!

Today is a big day for my itty-bitty one!  She's one month old today.  It's hard to believe a month has gone by since I walked in room 333, laughed, hurt, pushed, delivered, and fell in love with my sweet little Lucy! This month has been busy!  There are days that I lounge, nap and snuggle with my 2 girls.  Then there were the days that I cooked, cleaned, bathed, had company, decorated, visited Santa and shopped for christmas presents.  I am trying my hardest to lounge & snuggle more than stay busy.  I know that once I start back to work & the chores are still there, that the days of doing nothing will be few & far between.  Will someone please tell me how to make life show down just a little bit???  I am excited about Christmas with these girls!  This will also be the only year that I don't have to worry about working the upcoming holidays.  People deliver babies 365 days out of the year, so unfortunately, that means us nurses have to spend some of our holidays catching babies.  But this year, I won't even be thinking of work when we are opening Santa's goodies.  I just hope that this month doesn't fly by like last month!

Yesterday, we visited our sweet pediatrician, Dr. Sawyer.  Lucy weighed a healthy 8 pounds and 7 ounces. She was 21.5 inches long!   She does have reflux which is very frustrating for us to see her cry & spit up so much.  I want to "fix" whatever problem she might have & with reflux, there is no quick fix.  I'll just keep nursing her, comforting her and try the Zantac.  Other than that, Lucy is a healthy baby girl!  Praise God!  I count my blessings often throughout the day when I look at my family.
Some people say it's hard going from 1 child to having baby #2.  I say it was more of an adjustment going from no children to our 1st baby.  I think it's just because you don't know what your doing.  I'm a labor & delivery nurse, with pediatric experience and I cannot tell you how many times I asked my family, friends and pediatrician "what do I do?" or "Is this normal?"  I remember calling mama one night when Bella was a few months old, screaming crying, I was crying and I said "What is wrong with this baby?!?!?!?"  Poor Bella had such inexperienced parents.  But this time around, we have confidence we know what things to try to learn what Lucy likes and know that it isn't the end of the world when she cries.  The transition from 1 child to 2 has been a breeze!  To be honest, our routine hasn't changed that much.  Lucy just slid right in, made herself at home and fits into this family perfectly.  It's like she was always meant to be here...imagine that (I know you have a plan for us Lord, and thank you for including Lucy in our plan).

Today also marks 2 months since the birth of this Amazing Love!  I am enjoying sharing my stories, pictures and life with y'all.  I'm so glad that there are more than just a couple of people who visit.  That's what I was afraid of when I started it, 'Who's actually going to read about me and my life?  Am I even that interesting'.  So I'd like to say THANK YOU FOR READING AND ALL THE KIND COMMENTS THAT YOU SEND MY WAY.  I really appreciate it.  Keep coming and checking on us.  I know that our story is far from over and I know we'll have plenty of adventures to share with you!

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