Tuesday, November 8, 2011

11/3/11~~~Lucy's Day

Thursday, November 3, 2011
We arrived at the hospital a little after 5am for a scheduled induction at 39 weeks.  The ride to the hospital was pretty quiet.  We were tired.  We both had worked the day before and we got up that morning at 3:30am.  I had lots of excitement and fears rolled into one big belly of butterflies.  For some reason, I was really nervous this time.  I had such an easy labor and delivery with Bella, I thought, 'You just don't get that 2 times in a row!'  I prayed, almost a continuous 1-hour prayer the whole way to the hospital.  We got settled into room 333.  I answered all the admission questions and signed our consents.  My IV was started and the doctor came in shortly afterwards to break my water.  So at 5:53am, my water was broken and I was 3cm.  I was a little nervous because she was pretty high.  She was going the wrong way!!!  At 6:10am, they started the pitocin to get my contractions stronger.  At 8am, my doctor, Dr Mckee came in.  I was 4cm, but her head was still high.  I was stressing.
My sweet nurses (and friends), Dani & Lindsay
By 8:40, I was hurting badly.  At 9am, I got my epidural.  Contractions hurt!  They really do!  It would take my breath away, I had to remind myself to 'Breathe'.  I would feel one coming on & say, "Oh no, not again".  But I know...it's a necessary part of labor.  I would just like to say a BIG "Way-to-Go" to all you natural moms!  That must take some major inner strength.  This 'ol gal, had had enough.  At 9:45, I was 5cm, but still not much relief from the epidural.  So at 10:00, I got a epidural boost...still NO RELIEF!   Finally at 10:40, I accepted the fact that the epidural wasn't going to work and it needed to be replaced.  So I sat up for epidural #2 and prayed the entire time he was putting it in.  It was slow getting relief, but it helped.  Dr McKee came in at 11:00.  I was 6 cm and she was FINALLY well applied to my cervix & in the correct position.  I was so happy because I knew at that point, things would go smoothly.  
 Lindsay & Dani went to eat lunch.  I sat up tall because I had a little hot spot, but sitting up helped that.  Then I felt TONS of pressure and knew that she was ready.  I was patient & let them finish eating lunch.  (I know how it feels to miss lunch because your patient is ready to deliver...I wanted to at least let my friends eat)!  Sure enough at 12:00, they came in to find that I was 10cm dilated and she was VERY low and ready to make her grand entrance.
 While they quickly set the room up, Jacob and I were in a state of disbelief that the pregnancy was actually about to be over and I was going to deliver our 2nd daughter.
At 12:15, I pushed with 3 contractions...and at 12:23pm a healthy, beautiful baby girl was born.  
 She weighed 7 pounds even.  I was shocked by her size.  Bella weighed almost 2 pounds more and I just knew that she would at least weigh 8 pounds...well I was wrong!  She was 21 inches long.
 This picture reminds me a lot of Bella.  Their lips are the same when they cry.
 Jacob & Lucy's 1st touch...precious!
 The 1st time Jacob gets to hold his 2nd daughter.  Look at the joy on his face!
 Oh, I think she's just beautiful!
 We wanted to get Bella's unbiased reaction, so Jacob went to the waiting room & brought her in before anyone else.  She was so excited.  Jacob had his hand on her chest & said that he could feel her heart pounding fast.  I know that Bella fell in love with her little sister at this moment.  She hugged, kissed and wanted to hold Lucy.  It was so precious.  This is the video of her reaction.
Bella cut her eyes at me and said "Be easy".  She heard us say that many times that day!
 This was Bella's reaction to Lucy's umbilical cord, "Ewww!"
 Jacob looking down on all of his girls.
Lucy's birthday was a perfect day.  I feel completely blessed and honored to be this little girl's mother!

Lucy's 1st week was amazing too!  We settled in and enjoying getting to know our newest angel.

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Darby McQueen said...

I love this blog! The pictures are priceless and you are a very sweet precious family! I love you guys!

Teresa Hartsfield said...

Each time I read your blogs I say 'Oh this is my favorite one' but I think this is really my favorite one. It was such a magical day and you've captured all the emotions in words and pictures!!! I am so proud of you in so many ways - you are an awesome mother, daughter and friend! I love you so much!!

Jessica Blanchard said...

i teared up...this is so sweet! makes me miss dr. mckee! lol

Brittany said...

I loved this one! I just cried at how sweet and precious your family is! Congratulations! You deserve every bit of this bliss!

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