Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lucy's 1 week old

Our Lovely little Lucy is one week old.  What a wonderful week it has been!  I have decided that there is no softer feeling on this earth than newborn skin on your lips.  I have given this angel hundreds of kisses so far & plan on thousands more!
On Friday, the day after delivery, we requested to go home.  Our care at the hospital had been excellent, but we were ready to get settled in at home and rest in our bed.  Lucy and I were healthy, with no risk factors to be overly concerned about, so the doctors gave the discharge orders.  We waited on all of our blood work came back normal.   We got the go-ahead around 3.  Jacob had everything loaded on the cart in about 10 minutes and we were rolling to the car.
 We wrote in her baby book.
 We talked about how tiny she is...
 I sat in the backseat and stared at her the whole way home.
When we got home, we had a very excited little girl waiting on us.  When Bella saw Lucy she lit up and couldn't hide her big smile!
Lucy's wreath that I made...yes I'm proud!
Lucy settled in for her 1st night at home.  Let's say that I didn't sleep much this 1st night.  I wanted to sit up and watch her.  Every little wimpier she made, I sat up to look at her.  She was fine...all night she was just fine.  I hate how much of a worrier that I am sometimes.  However, Jacob let me sleep extra late while him and Bella played and did projects around the house.
 Every morning when Bella wakes up she asks "Where's Lucy?!?"  And she is not happy until she finds her, as soon as she sees her, Bella smiles so big!
 We put her "Roll Tide" outfit on for the game.
 Jacob is the best husband and dad anyone could ask for.  I deeply loved him the day we got married, but I am so in love with him today!  He loves his girls so much.  He has taken wonderful care of us!  Preparing meals, bathing Bella, letting me sleep and nap everyday.  I couldn't ask for any better man to be sharing this life with!  He is one reason this blog is named Amazing Love.  That is what we an Amazing Love!
 I'm learning how the love you have for your children multiply, it doesn't divide.  My lap has to accommodate 2 sweet babies now.
 We went to see our pediatrician, Dr Sawyer for a weight check.
She's such a good little eater, only losing 1 ounce!

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Megan Lytton said...

We use Dr. Sawyer too, love her!

Maribeth Butts said...

Lucy is precious!! If she's anything like our Lucy, she already has y'all wrapped around her finger! =) Congrats, Momma!!


Teresa Hartsfield said...

You and Jacob are the BEST parents ever!!! I love your blog so much - you have a gift with your words and photos. Families - that says it all.

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