Thursday, May 31, 2012

Little fishes

Splish, Splash...can you tell we were having a blast?!
For the past 2 weekends, we've spent a day in my parent's pool.
We'll be spending the weekend in the water the lake.  We can't wait!

Jacob put swimmies on Bella's arms, just to see how she would do...she took off!  It was all the independence that she needed.

A little volleyball action 
The dog even went for a little dip.
Bella & Mimi
Rylee and her mommy (Aunt Lulu)
My sweet husband!
Bella and Pops
This next sequence is so funny.  Bella would just jump off the steps and go under like she was in the olympics.  Rylee really wanted to too, but would get a little nervous.  She would get about waist deep...jump...go under the water...come up screaming.  Then do it all over again!

Sweet Little Fishes
 And of course, like we always should...we ended this summer evening eating watermelon!

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