Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Well baby check-up

This little cutie had a well check-up from the doctor this morning and got 2 shots.  She's such a trooper and hasn't cried that much.  She's gained almost 3 pounds since her 2 month check up. Thankfully she's as healthy as can be.  That means tonight, we start our sleep training.  It'll be her 1st night in her crib in her room.  (Yes, I'm very sad not to have her right next to me). I'm going to try to be tough although she really isn't a crier and I can usually make her happy by feeding her or soothing her to sleep.  So tonight when she's crying wanting me to hold her, it'll be tough just letting her sooth herself.  But that's what it's all about, self-soothing when it's bedtime and when she wakes up through the night.  I'm sure some of you will think I'm a mean mama...but I assure you after I did this with Bella I believe that it's for the best.  Some of my friends talk about their babies at one year old not sleeping through the night and I just can't imagine.  After this rough week, we all should be sleeping through the night.  What joy that will bring me!
Bella loves going to the pediatrician's office!  She loves Dr Sawyer and her staff.  She sat in her lap, wanted to use her stethoscope.  She was the center of attention!  She walked ran in today asking could she do a breathing treatment because we do that almost every time we are there. We did determine that Bella has asthma.  She has had so many respiratory issues in her short little 2 years.  She's already on an inhaler, now we'll start using Singular and Zyrtec to hopefully get it under control and prevent future flair-ups.  Poor thing, she's so used to coughing and "breathing loud" that she probably won't know how to act, going more than a few months being healthy.  On that note, I am praying that some really smart person would create generic forms of these medications that she and I are on for asthma because they are about to break the bank!  Today on her meds alone, I dropped $80 and the inhaler was $77.  My monthly meds are about that much too.  But we'd pay anything to make her healthy!  

Say a prayer for us this week with our sleep training.  I'm sure I'll be up more than usual for the next few nights and I'm working 12 hour shifts the next 4 days.  Why now?  You might ask...she's now 4 months old and capable of sleeping through the night.  I also wanted to wait until after the doctor saw her and to make sure she's healthy (I knew she would be).  Check back later to see how Lucy does.

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