Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sleep Training: Nights 3, 4 & 5 and Puppies in the flower pot

You night be wondering how our sleep training with Lucy is going.  It's going ok.  She's still been waking up every night, but I am not going to her room and she is self soothing back to sleep.  It makes me feel better that she isn't crying hard or loud, just a whiny whimper.  So no, she isn't sleeping through the night, but I think we are on the right track.  I'm still waiting on the night when I just wake up and realize that it's morning instead of 2 am!

I've been working the past few days and when I get home there are the 2 little brown stray puppies.  They are pitiful because they are so skinny, but playful and happy.  They have been sleeping curled up in my flower pot.  
 We cannot keep these little starving puppies.  Simply because we are cannot don't want take on anything else with that much responsibility.  These 2 little girls keep us busy enough.  I feel like if you are going to take on a pet, you should be able to care for it and spend quality time with it.  We rarely have any downtime.  Call me selfish if you must.  We had 2 sweet dogs that we found a new home for after I had Bella because I felt guilt due to the lack of time/attention they got.  Now they are running in wide open spaces at their new home.  Thankfully, the owners are my Facebook friend and I get to see them and what fun they are having.  It makes me feel a little better about the guilt of giving up on the commitment we made when we got them.  We asked around and no one that we talked to wanted the puppies.

I went shopping with Mimi, Lulu, Bella & Lucy this morning.  Jacob took them to the animal shelter.  I hope that some good person goes and adopts these cute little pups!

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