Thursday, March 1, 2012

That's right, THAT'S MY MAMA!!

The older I get, the more I appreciate my parents.  As an adult it is more obvious all that they have sacrificed and the choices they've made for me that's made me into who I am today.  They have instilled priceless values and qualities in me throughout my life.  Hard work and respect for others are 2 things that were just things that were expected in our house.

My mama (Mimi) is a special-ed teacher.  She has been nominated for Teacher of the Year and is now a finalist!  I am so proud of her and hope that she gets the honor of being announced Teacher of the Year.  She deserves it!  She strives and teaches us to strive to do our very best no matter what we are doing.  I know this award would mean so much to her.  She was on the front page of the newspaper know that's a big deal!  My how the roles are reversed...I'm in the stands cheering for her and yelling "THAT'S MY MAMA!".

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Brittany said...

love her so much!! Congrats Teresa!

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