Sunday, March 25, 2012

Daddy's Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Daddy's 55th birthday!  My aunt & uncle from Tennessee is here for the weekend.  Mama cooked us baked ziti, corn, salad & delicious french bread.  Bella and Rylee played, fought over toys, squealed, laughed and whined.

Rylee has a little obsession:

No, her mother doesn't give her more than one paci at time.  But she found a stash at Mimi's house and was trying to cram them all in!  Her 2nd birthday is a few days away and she's trying to hoard her last few precious moments with her beloved pacifiers.

This afternoon we'll be celebrating her birthday!  I'll share pictures later!

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Brittany said...

caden's second birthday was his cutoff for his paci too!!

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