Thursday, March 15, 2012

Sleep Training: Night 2 and Chickens

Night 2 wasn't as easy as Night 1.  I fed and put Lucy to bed at 9:15.  She woke up at 11:15 & only cried 7 minutes.  I got excited thinking, this is not bad at all!  Well, I spoke too soon!  She was crying again at 12:30.  She cried off and on until 2am.  I gave up and went & fed her.  I think her sleeping so much yesterday had a lot to do with her not sleeping well last night.  I'm feeding her now and hoping for a more restful night.

Yesterday afternoon we went and visited Nana and Papa.  They are into chickens.  While I love the fresh eggs, I'm not too fond of "playing" with the chickens.  Bella went in their little house and got some eggs.  She doesn't understand the concept of being easy and ended up accidentally cracking 2 in her hair.  It was pretty funny.  Did you know that the color of the eggs depends on the chicken's earlobe?!?  I didn't.  I think Papa was being serious and not just pulling my leg.   Her, Jacob and Papa took a walk in the creek.  She like it, but it was cold for her little feet.

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