Thursday, March 29, 2012

683 Pins and Counting

146 in my Crafty section.  I am so addicted to Pinterest!  I have SO many projects, creations, ideas that I would love to do.  It's driving me crazy that I can't have a weekly craft day.  Not that my life has ever been boring, but at this point in my life I have 2 babies that require most of my attention (rightfully so), 2 busy jobs, a house that always has chores waiting on me and now...this fantasy that I might actually be a do-it-yourselfer!  Oh yea, and I lightly dabble in couponing too!  Next Wednesday I'm starting my 1st quilt!  I have a 4th of July wreath that I want to do. I have everything that I need except time to do it...but when that time finds me, I cannot wait to sit down to do this adorable craft!  I am planning on doing a little surprise for my best friend's baby shower...she's a reader, so that's all the details I'm willing to share for now.  I did make a Easter cross for our front door.  It turned out good, except I hate my hand writing, but love the words!  
I want to do a burlap birthday cake/cupcake!  Oh my mind is just running circles.  The funny thing is that really, I don't have a creative spirit.  My Mamaw is.  My uncle Chris is.  I have several friends that have that God given talent and personality.  Me...I WANT to be able to create cute things that I see...truthfully, it rarely turns out like what those creatives souls can do!  But I'm having fun trying!

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