Monday, March 19, 2012

Good people doing good things

This world isn't all bad.  There are people among us who are doing good things for others.  They are trusting in God to provide for them when they are spending time and money helping others rather than spending that time and money on themselves.

I had the opportunity to meet Rebekah Blocker.  She is one of those angels among us.  She is a busy mom that has a handmade pottery jewelry business. I love the uniqueness of her work!  She uses her business as a ministry as well.   She donates money and jewelry for many good causes.  Among the good things she does, at the hospital I work at, she donates necklaces to mother's who've lost their baby. I had no idea until my 1st day back from maternity leave.  I had a patient who had just lost her baby.  When the social worker came in to speak with the patient she gave her one of Rebekah's necklaces.  (I was wearing earrings from her).  I LOVE her work and know purchasing from her is helping others and sweet Rebekah, I couldn't resist ordering from her.  As of now, I have 1 pair of earrings, 2 necklaces & a bracelet.  Every time I look at her website, I want more!  Check out some of these cute pieces.  Order from her for yourself or as gifts for others!

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