Friday, June 1, 2012

Almost there...

I've been working hard for the past 5 months.  I've stayed committed to being healthier.  My and exercise.  I didn't join a program or even a gym.  I don't weigh in at meetings.  I don't eat meals that are shipped to my front door.  Just old fashion diet and exercise.  It isn't always "fun", but you can't argue with the results...I've lost 20.5 pounds!  I want to lose 9 more...I'm almost there!  I feel better, I look better.  I am prouder!  I walk with confidence.  I don't hide behind excuses.  I worked hard...everyday.  I ignored my urges to eat pizza, candy and chips.  I have made a lifestyle change.  I drink Slimfasts.  I don't eat until I'm miserable anymore.  I order water at restaurants (and save $2.50).  I've started running again!  Last weekend I wore jeans that I haven't been able to fit into in 2 years!!  I drive by fast food restaurants, now I hardly ever think about them.  I grip the buggy when I walk past something tempting in the grocery store.

This hasn't been a quick weight drop.  So it has required patience.  But during this time, I have learned a new way of living.  Sure I have days where I eat fattening, high calorie things.  But that happens on rare occasions.  Not daily, I don't make excuses of why I deserve them, or need them on a regular basis.  The past 5 months have been a challenge, but there is no way that I would go back to the "fat me" which was eating what I want, when I wanted it, never exercising, being embarrassed and depressed every time I got dressed.  The "healthy me" chooses to NOT eat fattening snacks or double portions.  I'm trading candy, junk food and fat rolls for confidence and a healthy, sexy body.
My advice to anyone trying or wanting to lose weight is to

  • be dedicated EVERYDAY. Not just on weekdays or when you feel like it.
  • be honest with yourself.  Don't make excuses why it's 'ok not to exercise' or 'why it's ok to eat crap food for lunch since you ate good for breakfast'.   
  • You know what is not healthy for you to eat, no one should have to tell you.  If you are unsure look at the nutritional values...if it's high in calories, carbs or sugar...I'll let you in on a WILL NOT lose weight eating it!  
  • keep going.  If you splurge one day, hop right back on track the next day.
  • when (not if) you hit a plateau in your weight loss, maybe change up your routine (cut out more calories or add exercises or do different exercises).  Whatever you do, don't stop.  EVERYDAY, be persistent and dedicated.  The scales will move eventually.
  • be willing to try new foods and push yourself when you exercise...push hard.
  • don't be lazy.  There will be days that you'll have to drag yourself up to exercise.  But when you are done, your done for that day and you WILL feel healthy and proud.  And it WILL be worth it.
Here's my progress:
                  weekly:         total loss:
Week 1       -6  
Week 2       -2.5       -8.5
Week 3       -0.5       -9
Week 4       -3          -11
Week 5       +2         -9
Week 6       -3          -12.5
Week 8       0           -12.5
Week 10     -2.5       -15
Week 14     0           -15
Week 16     -0.5       -15.5
Week 17     0           -15.5
Week 18     -3          -18.5
Week 19     +1         -17.5
Week 20     0           -17.5
Week 22     -3          -20.5

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