Wednesday, June 6, 2012

a long nap makes me happy

After we got home from our short lake weekend trip, we emptied the camper.  Washed clothes, towels, sheets...folded and folded and put them away.  We straightened up the house and got ready for the next busy week.  We went to the grocery store.  Everyone got baths or showers and we all crashed into the bed.  I have a busy couple of weeks ahead of me, out of the next 11 days (most are 12 hour shifts), I only have 2 off days.  For us to have just gotten back from a "vacation" I was exhausted!  

I got a call Monday morning around 5 am, saying that it was pretty slow at the hospital, so I could just be on-call.  That meant I got to sleep in...well until Bella woke me up at 7:00.  I still just laid around and watched cartoons with her.  Jacob ended up coming home mid-morning too because a nice little storm rolled through preventing him from being able to work.  We put the girls down for their nap, then we crawled back in bed for a 2 hour nap!  Lovely!  Woke up, did a few little chores then we grilled cheeseburgers and played with these cuties.  Now that I've caught up on my beauty sleep, I feel like I am capable of conquering the upcoming weeks.

 Bella has done a number on our poor screened door...

I love baby toes!

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