Monday, February 6, 2012

Walking the fine line of dieting, working and breastfeeding

This Monday makes me happier.  After a 2 pound gain week before last, I lost 3 last week!  That's a total of 12.5 pounds in 6 weeks. I'm half way there.  YEA!  I want to lose 12 more to hit my goal weight. However, I've notice a decrease in my milk supply, which is something that I was worried might happen.  When you are breastfeed you should increase your calorie count to 2500-2800 calories/day.  I know there have been several days that I've been below that.  The combination of dieting and starting back to work (only pumping twice in a 12 hour period) is putting a strain on my milk supply.  The bottom line is, there is nothing more important than providing the healthiest nutrition for my baby as possible.  I refuse to jeopardize her nutrition to quickly lose 12 more pounds!  I will still try to lose weight, but I will also have to increase my calories, so my weight loss won't be as quick.  To avoid boring you with a -0.5/week, I probably won't update weekly.  But you can bet your bottom dollar as soon as I hit that goal weight I'll be screaming from the hill tops...I'll be typing in the largest font it'll allow me, because that's a day I've been dreaming of for a while.  Until then, I'll keep looking at my skinny-me pictures and gazing down at my sweet angel as I provide the best thing I can...and try to walk that fine line.

I'm very proud of our Bella who is in her big girl panties for the 3rd day with no accident!  Last week I worked 6 days, so Jacob watched the girls more than usual. Even though I was sad that I wasn't home with them,  I think daddy/daughter time is good!  He told me last night that he was in awe of how much Bella is learning and how quickly she is growing.

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