Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Monday

I hope she brightens your Monday.

I'm tired!  I've been working a lot of extra days lately.  Brynn had her baby Friday, so I've been checking my phone constantly for new pictures, videos and updates.  My baby sister's birthday was Saturday, because I was working I didn't even get to see her!  I missed my cute cousin's 4th birthday party (which Bella would've had so much fun) because I worked yesterday.  And by Wednesday, the whole side of my family will be soaking up sun on the beach!! I'm so jealous.  I only got to spend a few short moments with my sweet girls this weekend, including when Jacob brought them up to the hospital to eat lunch with me yesterday.  {Thanks babe for spending part of your day in a hospital cafeteria just so we could "hang out" this weekend together}.  For the next 3 days I'll be working 3 long 12 hour shifts, getting home at 8:15...or later because I'll be grocery shopping after I get off.  Ugh.

Lucy's facial expressions are how I feel...but I can't look at them without grinning.  I love her to pieces!

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