Friday, June 29, 2012

***Highlight Reel*** Bella-1 year old

I'm just a little behind on my highlight reels.  A few days ago, I was inspired to finish this one of Bella at 1 year old.  That is maybe the perfect age.  It's an innocent age.  A sweet age.  An age of learning, exploring and being silly.  A age of MAJOR growth...physically and mentally.

It's adorable to watch her learn so much...
  • how to talk
  • taking her 1st steps
  • how much she loves playing with babies
  • how the reflection in the mirror will always copy what she does
  • how to give the evil eye
  • how splashing is so much fun
  • that she loved her 1st boat ride
  • mommy's heels are really loud and fun to walk in
  • WE learned how fearless she is in water.
Forgive my amateur-ness.  I wish I owned an HD video camera, but I don't.  Actually more than half of these were just taken with my cell phone.  Either way, I caught them and now I'll enjoy them the rest of my life.  I hope you enjoy watching some of the everyday highlights of Bella's 1st year.

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