Tuesday, June 5, 2012

lake weekend

We enjoyed a quick lake trip last weekend.  Friday evening we went on a boat ride to Sinclair's to eat dinner.  It was chilly on the long ride back, but it was a great opportunity to snuggle up for warmth...I loved it!  

Our friends from high school and their 2 kids were there camping with us too.  

 Bryson might hate these pictures one day, but he loved the riding in Rylee's Barbie Jeep!  
 Bella loved it too!  They each would fight over the radio.  Lindsay and I just shook our heads...we were watching their future right in front of us.
 These 2 LOVE these $5 baby strollers that Mimi and Pops bought them last year.  They were running and having the best time, until Bella had a wipe out and skinned her knees.
 She had to show everyone her boo boo.
 It was nothing that a couple of bandaids couldn't fix.  What is it with kids and bandaids?!?
 Rylee snuck over while no one was looking and helped herself to a little watermelon.
This trip was fun, but it we can't wait to go for a full week in July.  Brynn and baby Eli will be there!  Most of our family will be there.  We are super excited!  We love our summers on the lake!

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Brynn said...

Love the pics! Cannot wait to camp during the 4th! We will have so much fun and you will get some Eli loving :)

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