Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Project.

I'm really not that much of a do-it-yourselfer.  I do small simple crafts/projects.  Well after this one, I might be a professional because I had to purchase a staple gun!  That's right a real..handy man's staple gun from the Home Depot!  I guess I must admit that my daddy did have to come over to show me how to load it...but after that bad boy was loaded, I went to town on my valence!

My wonderful, oh-so-talented-with-wood, father-in-law, (aka Papa) built me this box for a valence that I wanted to put in Lucy's room.  We already had black out curtains hanging, but I wanted a valence to block out the light that flood into the room on the top.  So my solution was an adorable upholstered valence.  I got this fabric from a local, tiny shop called Sew Close to Home.  A wonderfully sweet lady owns it.  I can't help, but giving my money to her when I can, opposed to the big stores.

 These pictures are a little deceiving because the valence does come down to the molding when looking straight on at a normal adult height.  I was sitting in the one below.
I love the way it turned out!!  A huge THANKS to Papa for building the box, Pops for coming over to show me how to load my staple gun and Jacob for hanging it for me!

Here is before pictures.

Here are a few small changes that I made in Bella's room:

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