Friday, February 17, 2012

Busy week recap

I have really missed blogging this week!  I have been working like crazy and not spending enough time with my sweet girls or hubby!  A recap of my week: last Sunday, Bella hid in the pantry and turned up a bottle of Children's Benedryl, she didn't get that much.  She survived, all is well (thank God).   We sold our furniture, YAY, but we have 2 old recliners in the living room until we find what we want.  We are planning a sectional-hunt this weekend.  Maybe we'll find the perfect one for the perfect price...MAYBE.  Monday, I worked a long 12 hours...not getting home until 8:30 pm.  Valentine's Day...another busy 12 hours.  I got Jacob a card and 24 teriyaki wings from Buffalo Wild Wings to show my undying love for him.  Wednesday, another long 12 hour shift, where I saw a 1st in my nursing career.  I won't share the unusual, yucky details.  Then yesterday, I worked an extra 8 hours at my 2nd job.  Finally I got to see my house, girls and husband during the daylight hours for the 1st time this week.  I take the girls to Ms Betty's (home daycare) in the mornings, dropping them off a little before 6.  Then Jacob or my parents or sisters pick them up in the afternoons.  I can't complain much though because Jacob worked Wednesday (normal day), a rare Wednesday night shift, then his normal Thursday top it all off, he went to the gym on this way home yesterday.  Do not ask me how he survived, I HAVE NO IDEA!  This is the very short moments I caught this week:

Today's plan: getting our taxes done (Ahhhhhhhhhhh), washing clothes, paying bills, cooking dinner, straightening up the week's mess.  This busy week isn't over yet!

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