Saturday, February 18, 2012

Furniture date with my hubby!

Jacob and I spent most of this rainy day on the hunt for our future leather sectional.  We went to 5 stores.  One was closed (lights off, no one there) but the front door was open!  I tried to shop anyway...felt like I was breaking the law, so we left. On our 2nd stop, I found the perfect one...and it's more than what we wanted to spend.  I thought I wanted a sectional with a chaise lounge on one end.  However, once we got in the stores looking and seating on them, I quickly learned that we preferred the sectionals with the recliners.  They were much more comfortable and not so "boxy".  Our living room isn't huge, so I thought not having the chaise taking up floor space might be best.  We knew we didn't want brown because we have BROWN hardwood floors and a BROWN entrainment center and BROWN paint on the walls with a BROWN fireplace.  So we decided not avoid another BROWN element in the room, but I don't want to be tied to a color.  I fell in love with the oatmeal/taupe color in our favorite one:
There are 4 recliners.  The 2 next to the cup-holders are also ROCKERS!! I can rock my babies!  The leather is SO SOFT.  We just melted in the seats.  

Jacob drove us today and I was in total shock when he pulled into the mall.  We haven't been to the mall in probably 3 years.  I avoid it if I can. I was in even more shock when he told me he wanted to look for the same shoes that he owned when he was in middle school!!!  Ken Griffey Jr shoes.  I'm still wondering if he's being for real.  But for him to walk one end of the mall to the other looking for shoe stores...I think he's serious.  Since our visits to the mall are so rare, I thought that we should take a picture.  He, of course, thought that I was crazy and refused to take a picture with me.
Overall, I am disappointed that we didn't get the sectional that I fell in love with, but we decided to do this the right way (which we rarely do).  We are going to get our tax refund back, use ALL of it to pay off a big chunk of debt and SAVE up the cash for our sectional.  It might take us a month or longer, but we'll get one that we love!  I'll continue shopping online for a more affordable one.  But the bar has been set on the one above, so we'll see if we can find one we like more.  Sectional or not...I enjoyed our 6 hours of just Jacob and me!  It was nice just being a couple taking our time, shopping around.  Thanks Mimi, Pops and KK for watching the girls!

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Brynn said...

Ha! Love the "almost" picture! Come on Jacob, be a sport :)

Amber said...

Really like that sectional! We are looking for one too. Where did you find this one ? Beautiful!

Megan said...

Thanks Amber, it really is pretty awesome! We found it at Rooms To Go.

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